Ahh, To Be Jane Pratt...

xoVain (specifically Annie, who didn't want to go to real work that day) visits Jane at her place as she gets ready for a photo shoot.
Publish date:
May 23, 2013
Anastasia, jane's stuff, concealer, makeup looks, Allie Smith, beauty school, eyebrow stencils

So I tagged along with Jane while she curated her vintage shop for Nifty Thrifty. Cuuurrated. Sexy!

Here's some video I shot at Jane and Charlotte's swank apartment of hair champion Allie Smith prepping Jane for the shoot later that day. I edited out most of the conversation because I hate my voice and also I would begin stories and then not end my thought... this happened, like, three times. It was early! [It wasn't that early, Annie. --Jane]

But we did talk about some real life stuff, yo. Eyebrow stencils? Jane totally uses them. Also, Allie proves that I may actually be cut out for this job because she, a pro, does beauty stuff that I thought only my scrubbish self did!

Plus, there's an adorable way to get waves, Jane's favorite concealer that she vultures out of the carcass of a compact (OMG I DO THAT, TOO! BFF's!), Allie discussing the pros and cons of beauty school, and me bitching about being eyebrow-bullied, wah wah wah.