I Finally Went To Sally Beauty Supply, And I'm Thinking Of Moving In

I feel like I've been invited into a secret coven of people who dye their own hair, glue weird things on their nails, and buy $100 home foot spas for themselves for Christmas.

I'd heard about Sally Beauty Supply so many times, I was beginning to feel like I was the only one who had never been there. Here in Canada, there are very few Sally locations (two in the whole of Toronto and none even close to downtown), and although I'd been referred to Sally by friends and xoVain writers alike, I always had this idea that it was just too far away, that it wasn't worth the trek.

Turns out its actually only a ten minute drive from my new apartment.

I wanted to try Kelly's whitest toner recommendation, so I ditched my usual product shopping list and headed toward new horizons. I'd been spending over $40 every time I bleached my hair with drugstore products, so imagine my surprise when I realized there's a magical store close by with every hair dye ever, for way cheaper, AND they have a super special CLUB CARD. How have I been missing out on this?

When I walked into Sally, I felt like the kid in elementary school who isn't allowed sugar when they taste Lucky Charms for the first time at a friend's house. I went for a few simple products and left with a mental list of hundreds of new things I want (need) to try. So many pretty hair colours, so many nail art accessories, so many everything of everything everywhere! It was both exhausting and enlightening at the same time to find a store filled to the brim with beauty supplies where I, a non-beauty professional, was allowed to shop.

I left with all of my bleaching supplies for a much lower price than usual (though I was scared to buy the jumbo sizes until I tried the new products, so I'll save even more next time!), learned about liquid versus cream activator (the drugstore only ever had cream), and generally perused the aisles till my partner started pacing anxiously around me like a caged animal.

The best part? The club card! I feel like I've been invited into a secret coven of people who dye their own hair, who glue weird things on their nails and buy $100 home foot spas for themselves for Christmas. And I get discounted goods. And a tiny keychain version of the card. As a kid who was never included in secret clubs at school, this is sort of a big deal for me.

So far, I've been back twice, and I've already bought two tubs of Manic Panic (one in an awesome peachy colour called Pretty Flamingo), an iridescent nail polish called "Rainbow" by China Glaze, a tiny nail art brush with a dotting end (a huge step up from my dollar store paintbrushes), and a pink teasing comb (it was on sale at the cash out!).

I'm already dreaming of my next visit, but until then, those little fruit-shaped nail art add on will be dancing around in my mind. Like, come on, tiny watermelons? I don't stand a chance.