A Giveaway Actually Worth Entering

Warby Parker is giving away a swank weekend trip to NYC.
Publish date:
March 22, 2013
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So we don’t normally do this sort of thing, but first off, we like Warby Parker. It’s one of those genius business ideas that just makes sense and will actually catch on due to its convenience and awesomeness, like drive-thus and getting walk-in flu shots at CVS… and Netflix streaming. It’s internet glasses, yo! The glasses of the future!

I’m actually supposed to wear glasses, because I’m nearsighted. I don’t wear them because glasses are another item that I’d have to keep up with every day, and I’m just now learning to juggle separate wallet and keys after retiring my cheesy little Louis Vuitton key pouch that myself and every girl I knew got at 16--such a sheep, I was. (It had to go after getting too heavy and breaking TWO Jetta keys.)

But I’m starting to think about adopting another inanimate object as my own after seeing these:

So pimp, right? GOLD glasses.

The second reason why I’m letting you guys know about Warby Parker is because they have a sweepstakes thing going on that I would actually consider entering, but I’m pretty sure I can’t now… Can I? I’ve never even won a free donut from one of those business card drop boxes. (I really appreciate SAY Media getting me all those business cards! It's just I'm way too awkward to actually give them to anyone.)

Anyway, they’re opening their first 3D store in SoHo on April 13 and having a party for it, naturally. If you win, you and your friend (boyfriend, spouse, mom, gigolo…) are going to go to it! And they’re going to put you up at The Standard, feed you dinner from Jack’s Wife Freda and brunch from Balthazar, send you to a fancy bookstore with money so you can buy things to use your new Warby Parker glasses on, then pay for you to go to a movie, where you’ll continue to need your glasses. (Clever!) They’re also sending you to a Soul Cycle class, which is the ultimate NYC fancy bitch pastime.

“Ugh but I don’t even WEAR glasses!” Stop. Complaining. They make sunglasses too! “Ugh but I NEVER win anything!” With that attitude, you probably won’t. Even if you don’t win the trip you might still get one of five $195 Warby Parker gift cards or ten $95 gift cards. See? Good vibes all around.

The drill: go here and enter your email address. And wait patiently, and learn to despise your current non-Warby glasses by wasting hours of prime work time on their website watching hot models wear the glasses “in action.”

You have until midnight, March 25th.