You Asked... A Lot Of Questions, So Here's A LIGHTNING ROUND!

Lazy manicures! Amazing foundations! Doctor Who! I’m answering a whole bunch of your little (but still important) questions in today’s advice column video.
Publish date:
March 14, 2014
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Some fun behind-the-scenes gossip before we jump into the video: Two hours before I started filming this, Oliver accidentally head-butted me in the face and bruised up my left cheek. Fortunately my concealer game is SO STRONG that I don’t think you can tell, but if you can, please blame the dog’s hard skull.

Video time! Let’s get to eight amazing questions (view here if you can’t see my beautiful face below).

And here, for your fast-forwarding convenience, are the questions you guys asked me this week.

What is your nail routine for the weeks when you’re too busy to paint your nails?: 0:16

What is one beauty product you’ll NEVER use?: 0:47

What is your favourite book?: 0:52

Best foundation for everyday wear?: 1:11

Why do you always tilt your head in pictures?: 1:36

What are some beauty essentials I should take with me into the wilds of Peru?: 2:22

If you were stranded on a deserted island with only ONE beauty product, what would it be?: 2:39

Who has the best beauty game: Nine, Ten or Eleven?: 2:49

So much fun! I enjoyed the looser structure of this video, and I hope you liked it too. Pertinent links for questions (or hellos): Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Wow, there’s a lot we could talk about here. What’s your go-to lazy manicure? What beauty products would you guys never use? And most importantly: which Doctor do YOU think has the strongest beauty game?