8 Pretty Things On The Internet: Fishtail Braid Crowns, Blush And Quick Gym Beauty Routines

I'm still getting the hang of fishtail braids.
Publish date:
October 2, 2013
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  • Into The Gloss profiles LeeAnet Noble, the captain/choreographer of the troupe of step dancers Rick Owens sent down his Paris Fashion Week runway.

  • MAC Cosmetics teams up with Proenza Schouler for a new line. Expect ombré face powders and nail polish!

    [POPSUGAR Beauty]

  • The six best blushes, both creams and powders, hand-picked by high profile makeup artists.


  • I tried

    Cosmopolitan.com's fishtail milkmaid braid tutorial. (There's also a wet-look tutorial at the link. To each her own, but not for me. Ever.) The style was easy enough, but I placed my braids too far back on my head -- they're a bit more Princess Leia on the scalp than milkmaid's crown. I'd also skip the part where Cosmo instructs you to wrap an extra piece of hair around the base of the pigtail -- it complicates things and isn't necessary if you use a hair-tie that matches your hair color.

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