7 Pretty Things On The Internet: $20 Cruelty-Free Lipstick In Weirdo Shades

This week: cheap lippie and Full House nails.
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June 26, 2013
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  • Amber of

    Beauty Blogging Junkie's manicure is based on a still of DJ Tanner's bedroom on Full House and that's special. So is the super fresh neutral-neon mani.

  • I'm obsessed with acne. Here are 21 reasons why you're breaking out and what to do about it.

    [POPSUGAR Beauty]

  • I am equally as obsessed with blonde hair. Here's a gallery of celebs who have recently gone blonde or blond

    er for the summer. [Glo]

    The Secret Garden collection from The Lip Bar. From left to right: Blue Muthafu*ka, Peony Punch, Ambrosia, Café au Lait, Mint Julep, and Gin-Ger & Tonic.

  • Shop at

    Lip Bar. It's only $20 a tube and the colors are unlike anything I've seen at this price point. It's a small business started by 27-year-old Melissa Butler, who was on Refinery29's 30 Under 30 list this year. Bonus! Their FAQs read, "we don't test on animals. EVER." I tried out the Mint Julep and Ambrosia from their Summer 2013 Secret Garden collection. Unlike the bizarre lip colors we're used to (read: Lip Tar), these aren't as heavily pigmented. You'll have more control over the color, but they won't last as long. That's fine though, because they're so easy reapply you can use your phone in a mirror-less situation.

  • Interesting article: "Moving Past Hot Mess Chic." I am not hot mess chic and never will be again (R.I.P. 17-19 year old me) it just doesn't work for me.

    [HuffPost Women]

  • Make your own perfect non-crunchy beach wave spray in about 5 seconds. I would use regular conditioner because I don't have leave-in conidtioner.

    [The Beauty Department]

  • Really simple summer hair hacks that will only add a little bit of time to your getting-ready routine. If you've resolved to start expending just a

    little more effort on your appearance, this post is perfect. [Refinery29]

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