7 Pretty Things On The Internet: The Fanciest Drugstore Mascara And A Beach Day, Bottled

Get thee to the drugstore! You know you need a new mascara that's under $10.
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January 15, 2014
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This perfume really does smell like a day at the beach. I've been keeping my sample of it at my desk and work, and huffing it intermittently through the day. [Fashionista]

How early is too early to start using anti-aging cream? I loved this sweet story from The Man Repeller.

13 real (and breathtakingly, uniquely gorgeous) ladies on the street spill their curly-hair secrets. [Refinery29]

DIY eyeshadow palette [The Beauty Department]

Gray nail polish! The most exciting new neutral, in my humble opinion. [POPSUGAR Beauty]

I just can't drag myself to the gym in this chilly, gray NYC weather, so I appreciate Elle.com's round up of the best Youtube workouts to make you sweat.

I really admire Lucky magazine's Executive Beauty Director Jean Godfrey June and will read every word she writes. Even if she wrote 2000 words on toilet cleaner, I would relish that ish. I read in her latest column that she loved L'Oreal Paris's Voluminous Butterfly Mascara, so I had to try it. Jean says, "it curves your lashes upward perfectly, the butterfly-wing-ish shape gets into the corners like nothing else." This is definitely the BEST $9 mascara I've ever used.