5 Pretty Things On The Internet: Self-Tanning Plus Sun-Tanning

A little bit of real-tan and lot a bit of fake-tan.
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June 19, 2013
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Here are the best beauty links of the internet-world from this past week:

Corynne and I went to the Women's Health 2013 Beauty Awards last week. Green juice flowed on tap and the gift bag was on point. One of my favorite products so far are these Kate Somerville Somerville360 Body Tanning Towelettes, which won the Editors' pick for the Best Self-Tanner. You just rub the barely-scented cloth all over your body in a circular motion for a nice, deep tan that develops over a couple hours. It left no smell and zero streaks.

Speaking of tan, if you're going to lay out (despite every women's media outlet ever screaming at you not to), here's how to do it safely. I've been doing most of this stuff for years. I cover my face with a hat or SPF 50, and reapply SPF 30 to my whole body over and over again like it's my job. From Memorial Day to Labor Day, I go to the beach every chance I get (usually every weekend) and have always needed the feeling of soaking up the sun, so I do it as responsibly as possible. I also get a thorough mole-check at my derm's office every year. [POPSUGAR Beauty]

Did you see our Editor-In-Chief Jane-effing-Pratt on Into The Gloss this week?!? Eee!

This is a fun and funny piece where this girl tries out five really popular Pinterest beauty DIYs. It's LOL, and some of the stuff she tries is like, oh ok, I'll try that ... except for the sock bun. I can't get those to work for the life of me. [BuzzFeed Fashion]

I'm feeling these American Flag-ish manicures for Independence Day. [Glo]

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