5 Pretty Things On The Internet: Tomato Soap And Nude Lips

I also found you some really cheap, super high-quality hair products.
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July 3, 2013
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  • I've been using a turmeric-water paste as an overnight treatment for zits for years. This adorable girl named Troy, featured on

    HuffPost Style's Beauty Street Style column, whips up a weekly face mask with turmeric, avocado, and yogurt. I tried it last night. It was way, way too gloopy to photograph, but my skin's definitely clearer and more glowing than usual today. I had pork chops for dinner and a donut for breakfast, so it's got to be the mask.

  • Refinery29's Beauty Director and general sweetie-pie, Annie, tries a nude lip under the guidance of a makeup artist. He explains how to select the right nude lip color for your skin tone and then how to apply it. While this looks chic and pretty on her, I can't see this working on me. I have the thinnest lips ever. Should I try it for next week, anyway?

  • BeautyBrands is having their Annual Liter Sale--you can get liter bottles of

    Amika shampoo and conditioner for $13 (they're usually more than three times that price). I would hurry, because they'll probably sell out quickly. Amika stuff smells amazing, is paraben-free, and comes in the prettiest, most uplifiting packaging. Their hair mask transformed my hair and it's only $10ish right now.

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