5 Pretty Things On The Internet: 2 Easy Ways To Try Bluish Eye Makeup

Really easy new eye-makeup looks that go well with iced coffee, travel-size acne treatments, and more internet goodies.
Publish date:
July 10, 2013
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  • The blunt cut. I have one of these as of two weeks ago, and it's serving me well.

    [Into The Gloss]

  • An interview with photographer Michael July whose 450-page book

    Afros: A Celebration of Natural Hair comes out later this month. [The Cut]

  • Five great blue eyeliners

    and how to wear them. Alexis recommended Mark's Color Me In Eye Crayon in Mint Candy. She had two cool ideas for this one, and I took both for a spin. [The Beauty Bean]

  • If you have a long car commute, set your hair in this curling headband, put stickers on your pimples, wear manicure gloves, and just generally get a lot of beauty work done. Don't worry--these are all products you put on before you start driving, and take off when you reach your destination. Stuff like this makes me want to move LA and have an awesome car with my perfect level of AC and the Nashville soundtrack blasting. Finally getting my driver's license would be a good start. [Glo]
  • Prone to acne and going on a trip? The best carry-on acne products.

    [POPSUGAR Beauty]

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