5 Pretty Things On The Internet: Jelly Manis Edition

Plus cheap summer beauty, product hacks, and more.

Here are my favorite internet finds from the past week:

I'm weary of finicky nail art, but I can't pull off the naked nails thing like Annie does because I'll bite them.

Enter sheer color manis! This post on Beauty Editor sings the praises of Dior Nail Glow -- its clear pink makes your nails look healthy and natural.

In the comments section of that piece, I read about "Jelly Manis" where you use a very sheer wash of color on your nails. After buffing, filing, and cuticle pushing, I used a clear blue, raspberry-scented polish from Urban Outfitters (it's now discontinued, which is a bummer) to get this look. I don't have to worry about chips or nail-biting. Corynne also has a simple, almost clear-pink mani right now (she used OPI Second Honeymoon).

A cute video introducing five really good, under $15 summer beauty products, including the $10 Sonia Kashuk Blending Sponge. I need to start using one of those. [POPSUGAR Beauty]

Really simple ways to combine beauty products you already own to create your own scented body lotion, matte nail polish, brow-tamer, and more. [Glo]

3 DIY hair looks for ladies with naturally textured Black hair, from Alana Williams of the Carol's Daughter store/salon in Harlem. [Refinery29]

I've been using the Tata Harper Aromatic Stress Treatment that Marci wrote about a few weeks ago. Then I read that Jean Godfrey-June (Lucky's beauty director) loves Tata's irritability treatment. It pains to me to admit that I actually need the irritability one way more than the stress one. Sorry, boyfriend-boy. Sorry, Olivia.

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