Miss Universe Fills in Her Eyebrows with Three Different Colors, So Obviously I Should Too

Are three-toned eyebrows better than one?
Publish date:
September 28, 2016
nyx, brow pencils, Miss Universe

Having a large Filipino family on Facebook means that anything remotely Filipino will end up on my newsfeed. This includes Miss Universe and fellow Filipina Pia Wurtzbach’s “Everyday Look Makeup Tutorial,” where she paints her already perfect face with the perfect no-makeup makeup.

What intrigued me most in the video (apart from her love of under-eye "baking"), was the fact that she used not one, but three brow pencils to fill in her eyebrows to achieve a so-called 3D look.

I was inspired.

Using NYX Cosmetics Micro Brow Pencils in Auburn, Ash Brown and Espresso, I went to town.

(PSA: These are legitimately the best brow pencils I have ever used. They have the tiniest, most precise nib, so you can draw the finest of eyebrow hairs.)

Just like Pia, I used the darkest shade, Espresso, near the ends and to trace a brow outline.

With the medium shade, Ash Brown, I filled in the middle sections.

Finally, using the lightest shade, Auburn, I drew light strokes through the front of my brows.

Then blended everything in with the spoolie.

Pretty natural, right?

To see if there was really a difference between using three shades versus one, I decided to use just the Ash Brown on my other brow.

I do think the three-toned brow looks a bit more refined, but truthfully, I doubt anyone else will notice unless under extreme scrutiny.

While I doubt I'll be three-toning it every day, I'll probably do it for special occasions or when I feel like being particularly meticulous.

  • Do you fill in your brows with more than one color?
  • Is there a brow product even better than NYX Micro Brow Pencil that I should get my hands on?