3 Awkward Poses That Look Really Hot In Pictures

Never resort to the hand-on-the-hip or sorority squat ever again!
Publish date:
June 10, 2013
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While I don’t often partake in celebrity gossip magazines, I will check out the red carpet photos when I do. Celebrities and all-around gorgeous people seem to stick to a handful of standard poses while the cameras snap their image.

What’s their secret to such good poses? They’re flattering, but they’re also incredibly boring.

Next time someone's taking your picture, forget the hand-on-hip, one-leg-in-front-of-the-other tedium. Let's increase your poise with these three weird-but-flattering poses.


This is a great pose for selfies; your Instagram will become 500% more fabulous.

Limbs can be awkward--puberty-level awkward. What do you do with your hands? Most people forget about them and opt for a full-frontal angle to show off their cute faces. I’m not dissing that (because I do it), but let’s spice it up, babes!

The best place to start is the mirror. Do you like your cuticles? Put them front and center. Experiment with angles, head tilts, and using both or just one hand. You might want to wait 'til your roommate is gone.

When you’re confident with your look, go ahead and start posing. If you’re using a smartphone, they’ve got a ton of great timer apps you can use, like the aptly named "Camera Timer!" If you’re using a fancy camera, set up your timer to do a couple of shots in a row. This way, you can find a favorite pose and slightly change it after each take to optimize the angles.


Models tend to look angry or emotionless in most photos. While this may look amazing in magazines, it’s probably not how you feel when you're taking a picture. But BE BRAVE. Listen to your favorite girl power song, because you’ll want to give off a “I really don’t care” look.

I’ve opted for a slightly indifferent "What is she thinking about?” look. Try to avoid giving this look in class or workplace meetings.

To achieve this look, it might be helpful to tilt some of your body forward. While this body language suggests an invitation, your snarl or stoic expression will not.

OH SNAP, people will say as they make sure to never meet you in a dark alley. Or perhaps they’ll be daydreaming about asking you out. It’s probably both.


I’ve got a lot to thank J. R. R. Tolkien for. His books cultivated the nerd in me and led to many obsessions with fictional characters.

While Gollum isn’t one of my favorite characters, he’s most certainly the inspiration for one of my poses.

Gollum is a literal creeper. He stoops, crawls and squats with a leer. If you aren’t familiar with him (how?!), think gorilla-style movements, but way scarier. While his movie representation frightened me to tears when I was younger, I’ve been able to see past his unconventional exterior for pose inspiration.

The Gollum can be achieved by squatting down and posing in gargoyle fashion. It may take a while to get the angle right, but I guarantee it can look flattering. I’ve got photographic evidence!

OK, your turn. Post pictures if you try these, and let me know if there are any other weird poses that work well in photos!