Team xoVain's 2015 Beauty Wish List, In Pictures

A digital pop artist gives us a preview of some of the hair and makeup changes we're contemplating.
Publish date:
January 10, 2015
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It's fun to talk about the hair and makeup looks you'd like to try out in 2015, but it's even more fun to SEE how those changes might look. So when digital pop artist Tormented Sugar emailed me about a collaboration, I was all, "Draw me, draw me!" (Full disclosure: I'm in dire I need of a new Facebook pic.)

The idea: myself, Anne-Marie, DaMonica, Brahaani (our new social media manager), and of course Alle would submit a list of hair, makeup, and a few fashion changes we've been wanting to make. Then Sugar would work her magic and give us a preview to share with all of you. Dreams do come true, kids. Below each photo is the 2015 changes list (with inspiration) that we emailed to Sugar.


  • Long, blonde waves (Beyoncé is always my hair inspiration)
  • A bold pink lip (inspired by all of you guys)
  • Fuller eyebrows (I'm still growing them out from the 90s) and lashes
  • Defined cheekbones (I'll cop to having no idea how to properly contour or kontour)
  • Style: What Aaliyah would be wearing now if she were still with us (sporty but chic)




  • My bangs will be a lot longer. They'll still be side-swept, but not in a Bieber-y way.
  • Embrace short nails for the first time in a couple of years.
  • More red lipstick! Especially matte!
  • Expand my perfume collection! I'm gonna be smelling all types of beautiful ways in 2015!
  • More freckles on the bridge of my nose! Or maybe not more, but I want the ones I have to be more visible.
  • Experiment with light-colored smoky eyes--grey, brown, olive green.


  • Voluminous curls à la Kelis
  • Smoky eyes
  • Slightly fuller, perfectly arched brows
  • Longer lashes
  • More definition--think Kim K. contouring
  • Style: mixed prints, crop tops, and more jumpsuits

What hair and makeup changes are you thinking of making this year? Any big cut or color changes in your near future? Share your 2015 beauty changes list in the comments. Also, should I get bangs?

All illustrations by digital pop artist Tormented Sugar.