How To Wear Bright Eyeshadow Without Looking Like A Five-Year-Old Applied It

I finally decided to conquer my fear of colorful lids and it wasn't a total disaster.

I am a sucker for great packaging and I'm quite the impulse buyer at my local Duane Reade. If you take a look at my vanity at home, you’ll see my daily favorites (tinted moisturizer, bronzer and mascara) along with standard shades of neutral eye shadows. However, if you look inside my vanity, it’s a totally different story: It’s loaded with multi-colored palettes ranging from luxe Sensai compacts to the Revlon Rio Rush Collection by Gucci Westman. Unfortunately, they are in a drawer for a reason -- I rarely wear eye shadows let alone bright ones. Sure, I love a shade of turquoise as much as the next girl, but wearing it on my eyelids is a different story. But I finally decided to give it a try, and I came up with some pretty helpful tips to help you in your quest for a bright-eyed look.

1. Prime. To make sure the pigment stays put, prep your lids with an eye shadow base or a neutral cream eye shadow -- it gives the color something to hold onto.

2. Don’t match your clothes. Instead of going the matchy-matchy route, wear an eye shadow that contrasts with your clothes or compliments your eyes and skin tone. For example, try a green top with a sheer purple shadow.

3. Blend well. Soften the edges of your eye shadow with your fingers or a brush so that it doesn't look stamped on or harsh. By blending the color, you get a subtler look.

4. Define your eyes. Pull it all together by adding a couple of coats of mascara and a little bit of eyeliner -- it'll make the shadow stand out even more.

5. Adjust it for day or night. For a work appropriate look, use the bright color right along the lash line only, on the outer corner or just smudge a little onto inner corners of your eyes. At night, use a shimmery bright shade or layer a metallic color over a bold matte shadow. Blend it from your lash lines to just above the creases.

6. Tone down the rest of your look. If your eyes are doing the scene-stealing, keep the rest of your makeup to a minimum. This means no bold red lip or crazing contouring. Keep it simple and opt for a neutral lip color and blush.

Aside from these tips, you must carry yourself with confidence. They key to looking good no matter how daring your makeup seems, is feeling great. Are you willing to try a pop of color this spring and summer?