DO THIS DON'T: Wear Adult Pigtails!

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February 9, 2012
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Ever since

Emily and Olivia got home from AVN

, our office sex toy supply has nearly doubled. Between what they brought back and the new stuff that keeps arriving via mail, xoJane now has the X-rated equivalent of a beauty closet, packed with the latest, and in many cases lamest,


sex toys on the market.

And do you know what trend runs through the entire collection? Cute sh*t! Cock rings adorned with tiny bunnies, lube in honey bear bottles, sparkly pink vibrators.

Like Cat, I'm into high-end sex shops

. I am decidedly NOT turned on by anything even vaguely childish. Call me a sex snob, but this

Cigar Vibe by Kiki De Montparnass


is much hotter than a

Hello Kitty "Massager."

While I had a great childhood, it's over now and I am not nostalgic about it. As Andy Samberg once said,

"I'm an adult!"

I like grownup things, and that applies to clothing, makeup and hair as well.

As far as I'm concerned, once your age hits double digits, it's time to pack up the headbands and hair bows and retire the pigtailed hairstyles of your playground years. There are, of course, a few exceptions to the rule. I've totally seen Jane pull off a cute barrette, and the

spring 2010

Prada pigtails

were just beyond reproach.


New York Fashion Week officially starting today

, I decided to dig up this old Prada favorite, and challenge myself to see if I too could make kiddie hair look good. Here's a little tutorial. Click through, try it yourself, and tell me what you think. Adult pigtails: do this don't?

Styling by Melissa at Cutler. Pictures by Olivia Hall.