Regret Getting A Lob? Here Are 5 Fun Ways To Style It So You're Not Sad Anymore

After cutting my hair, I missed the fun braids, the high ponytails and all that jazz. Then my stylist showed me I can still do them.
Publish date:
October 10, 2014
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The story goes like this: It took me over a year to grow my hair out for my wedding this past June. There's just something I love about having super-long hair that makes me feel all seductive or something.

I think my sister-in-law did a pretty damn good job with my wedding hair, by the way. The inspiration was taken from French hairstylist Odile Gilbert's braid for Rodarte’s fall 2013 runway show.

I like my hair, but it's ridiculously thick (like horse-hair thick). Stylists despise giving me blowouts because it takes forever. And it makes me feel 100 degrees hotter in the summer when I attempt to wear down. Which is never. I religiously wear my long hair up in a ponytail or high bun, or braid it.

It’s a definite love-hate relationship. So why even keep it long if I'm never going to wear it down, right?

Good point, me.

As soon as I landed in NYC and stepped out in the land of humidity, I called Cutler Soho and booked the first cut/color appointment with Dottie Shannon and Ryan Trippi. (By the way, Ryan looks like a way hotter version of Andrew Keegan -- and to my knowledge, he's not leading a religious cult or anything like that.)

Everyone's been taking about the lob (long bob) lately, so that was my “inspiration,” if you will. My indecisive self never knows exactly what I want when it comes to hair color and style, so I always leave it in the hands of the professionals.

Dottie chopped off about six inches, Ryan colored it a nice warm brown, and I was on my merry way out the door.

It's a nice change from the long, borderline-unhealthy hair, but once I tried to style it myself post-chop, I found myself SOL and not sure what to do with the shortness. Texturizing spray seemed ideal, but didn't really do much. Gone were the days of fun fishtail braids and buns.

My lob also started flipping out on the ends, so I contemplated buying a choker and some colored Lee jeans and embracing the Katie-Holmes-circa-Dawson's-Creek look. The '90s are back in style, right?

I'm all about makeup and stuff, but when it comes to hair, that's a whole different ballgame. It's partially because I am lazy when it comes to doing my hair. After doing my makeup, I have no patience for hair. So the only styles I’ve been rocking these days are a) letting it air-dry out of the shower (because that's the easiest thing ever) and b) wearing it straight.

Once back home in Salt Lake City, I texted my girl Kadey at Ulysses, the only person I trust around here to touch my hair. Seriously, it took me three years to find her. And she gets me 100%.

I scheduled an appointment to come into the salon and figure out a few easy styles I could do at home -- ones that are both quick and easy. I do like it straight, but I miss the fun braids, the buns, the high ponytails and all that jazz.

And here are five different styles that Kadey came up with for me. I'd love to know your thoughts.

Look 1

This style is pretty much a beach-wave look, but created with a flat iron so you don't have to walk around with wet hair in cold weather and freeze your tits off. It's so freakin' easy, and I guess beach waves are a thing for fall, given this pumpkin-scented beach waves spray?

Materials: Texturizing spray (we used this amazing Kevin Murphy Hair Resort Spray, cause it's the best), a flat iron and some hair paste/pomade

Steps: Spray a decent amount of texturizing spray in your hair to create texture (no brainer here). Section hair into two parts with a comb and add waves to both the underneath and top sections for more volume. You can also just sporadically add them in wherever you want. All you have to do is take a flat iron and clamp hair, twist and pull down to create some undone-looking waves. Next, apply some paste or pomade, or whatever kind of sticky hair product you have lying around, to break up the pieces. And that's it.

Look 2

I saw someone wearing their hair like this a few weeks ago, but never thought to try it out on my newly short ’do. And how cool would black bobby pins be in blonde hair, and white bobby pins in darker hair?

The beauty of this look is that there's no right or wrong. You just start pinning your hair down with bobby pins and decide how many you want. In fact, a five-year old could probably replicate this style.

Materials: LOTS of bobby pins (we used about 30 here), a volumizing powder if you want more height, and a clear hair elastic.

Steps: Add in some volumizing powder to the roots to get a nice '60s bump. Part hair and pull it back in the clear elastic (to help hold hair in place while you pin), and use bobby pins to secure small sections of your ponytail down. Kadey says to put the bobby pins in backwards, as they hold better and look a lot more modern.

Look 3

I never thought I’d be able to braid my lob. Never. But Kadey assured me that it could be done. And she was right.

I think this is my favorite. If you have short hair and know how to French braid, it's a breeze. I'm also loving the idea of pairing it with a fun fall sweater.

Materials: Bobby pins, a comb and clear elastic bands.

Steps: Part hair down the middle with a comb, and section hair off to two sides. Create a reverse French braid (as in take hair pieces under vs. over) on each side, staring with about half an inch of hair for the initial braid on each side of the part. Pull braid to loosen it up so it looks more natural, and fasten the ends around the back with bobby pins.

Look 4

First off, let me say how much I am in love these Kevin Murphy Hair Curlers. They're self-fastening so you don't have to worry about keeping track of those annoying clippy things. And they're awesome for traveling.

Materials: Curlers, a hair dryer or curling iron, and hairspray.

How-to: Section off hair into three parts: top, bottom and middle. Apply curlers and let hair set for about 20 minutes (you can do your makeup while you wait). We used two medium curlers on the bottom section, three medium curlers on the middle section, and four large curlers on the top section. You can either set the hair by curling pieces with a curling iron beforehand, or you can just secure the curlers and add heat with a blow-dryer afterwards. We did the curling iron method, as Kadey says it makes for better long lasting curls. Remove the curlers, spray some hairspray on, and gently brush through hair.

Look 5

Another look I thought would never work with the LOB, but it's actually a double ponytail. I love the modern feel of this look.

The doubling up is so you can get a higher ponytail with short hair. The second ponytail kind of just hides underneath.

Materials: a comb, some anti-frizz cream, clear hair elastics and a flat iron.

Steps: Put some anti-frizz cream in your hair to add shine and to help give the ponytails some structure. Create an upper ponytail with hair from ears up, and a lower ponytail with the remaining hair, and secure with clear elastics. Straighten both ponytails with a flat iron to create sharpness, and then take a section of hair from each ponytail to wrap around and disguise the elastics.

The moral of the story is that, yes, I still miss my long hair, but I also feel like I can actually do some fun things after sitting down with this lob. And it will eventually grow back (and I'll probably chop it off all over again).