Peeeek-A-Boo! Siouxsie Sioux Tutorial

The DRAMA! The DARKNESS! The PERFECTION! Let's get our Siouxsie Sioux on.
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October 9, 2012
goth style, witches, drama, punk rock

Just a suggestion, the soundtrack to this post should be Siouxsie’s “Peek-a-Boo.” On second thought, you should probably just take a prolonged reading break and watch that music video on loop until the essence of SIOUXSIE embeds itself properly. Then you shall be ready for the DRAMA! The DARKNESS! The PERFECTION! Clearly, I am a fan.

This is why I decided to do a quick makeup and style tutorial to get your eyes all cat-like, whacked-out and sexy. Be warned, you will need mounds of liquid eyeliner, deep red lipstick, and dramatic sartorial choices.

Which reminds me, did you watch the video yet? Are you creeped out or turned on? Because I get a little bit of both when I observe this woman. She’s like my witchy spirit animal. All pentagrams, black mesh and splashes of crimson. Perfect for Halloween. Am I making any sense? Probably not. Let’s move on.

Siouxsie has perfectly dramatic horizontal eyebrows that are so sexily severe. Like her, I lack an arch in my brow so this was a little simpler for me to execute. Regardless of arch status though, this look basically needs heavily darkened brows. I framed my entire brow in liquid eyeliner and filled in the gaps with a black shadow, carefully elongating a vertical line on the inner side of my brow, going down towards my lids.

Then I drew a thin layer of liquid liner along the entire length of my top lid. No cat-eyes for once in my life (anything for the leading Banshee). Next, I used a white shimmery powder in the inside corners of my eyes and drew on my bottom liner.

Stay away from lining the inside of your eyelid. As with sixties vixens, Siouxsie's eyes are all about clear, dramatic lines. No smudging, no half-assing. Go way past the end of your eye with it too. It’s kind of like an upside down cat-eye, so perhaps I didn’t escape it after all! Also, as with my Strawberry Switchblade tutorial, don’t forget to connect the bottom and top liner with that little “bird beak” triangle that I have on the inside corners of my eyes.

The final eye makeup step is the shadow. I covered my entire eye, from lid to brow, in a matte gray from Maybelline. Then I took my black eye shadow and followed the line of my bottom liner. It ended up looking like another, upside down, triangle shape in the end. Then I just popped on some deep, dark, sensual lipstick.

I kind of went off on a small tangent and decided to get super witchy with this look. This means I drew a mini pentagram on my ring finger, indulged in sacrilege, and wore a floor-dusting, Victorian-looking, black lace skirt obviously.

And here’s some cool things you can utilize for proper Siouxsification:

I tried to keep things under 50 bucks but, MAN, is sh*t expensive! I HATE it! I can’t wait to be a grown up with a salary so I can blow it on pretty clothes, you know?

Anyway! That sheer red blouse from Mango, the skirt from Etsy, and that studded Swarovskibracelet are the most expensive things on there at 50 bucks, 58 bucks, and NINETY bucks.

The rosary, from Guess, is $32, while the totally “Peek-a-boo” print leggings are only $13 from Forever21.

Finally, that hot lace blazer is a little shout out to all my British lasses and fellow Anglophiles. It’s on sale for 15 pounds from BANK.

Tell me a few things, though. What’s your fave Siouxsie look and/or song? Also, should I get that mini pentagram permanently tattooed?

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