How To Make Sure Your Holiday Makeup Doesn't Melt Off Your Face By Night's End

Because nobody needs to see that.
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December 10, 2013
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If there’s one thing that makes me slightly nuts when I venture out, it’s watching my makeup slowly migrate down my face throughout the evening. I’ve left the house looking fully hot and within an hour of weather + indoor heat + revelry, my eye makeup is on my cheeks and I’m inhaling fallen bits of mascara dust.

I also sort of don’t wear much makeup to begin with, so when I do, it has to stay put. Here are my survival essentials for getting holiday makeup to stay where you put it.

Primer + waterproof formulas = disaster-free night - I wish I could count the number of times this combination has saved me from a makeup meltdown. I’ve found that the combination of Urban Decay Primer Potion underneath Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream eyeshadows and Aqua Smoky Lash mascara creates a waterproof seal of makeup awesomeness that cannot be destroyed until you remove it at night. If it’s good enough to keep water ballet performers together night after night (which is how Make Up For Ever’s formulas were conceived) it can handle five rounds of sweaty karaoke and a some fun times with The Right Person For Tonight.

Makeup fixing sprays - Urban Decay kind of slays it with The All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray. Go full Kardashian (if that's your thing), spray, and you can ensure that frivolity will ensue and your smoky eye won’t turn into a molten mess.

Eyelash glue or lipstick + glitter - If you have to get your glitter on or you want to try studs (please, PLEASE check out the utter amazingness of Ardency Inn Punker Crystal Studs if so), be sure to apply the larger particles with eyelash glue. They won’t wind up blinding you in a bad pageant moment later. If you want to do a glitter mouth, just mash finely-milled craft glitter into your lipstick like I did above. This is red craft glitter smashed into MAC Cosmetics Lipstick in Ruby Woo. Air kisses only until later. THEN things can get interesting.

Now, for the non-makeup advice:

Apply clinical-strength antiperspirant/deodorant around your hairline - Yes, I know this sounds crazy, but for those of us who look like prizefighters when we sweat, this can help stop wetness around your hair and neckline from hitting the rest of your face. Apply it when your body is cool (the night before wouldn’t hurt) and then again before you put on your foundation. It ain’t Botox, but it helps.

Wear huge rings if you rub your eyes - I have a tendency to claw at makeup that feels thick or unnatural (because, you know, a lot of makeup IS unnatural to me), so I rub without thinking about it. Wearing cocktail rings or knuckle dusters makes me aware of what I’m doing. I’m prone to stop touching my face if I’m wearing jewelry that could scratch or bust me up. Just saying.

Blast your face with the hand dryer in the bathroom on a dance break - You know that scene in "Desperately Seeking Susan" where Madonna dries her underarms with a hand dryer in a bus station bathroom? Genius, and the same process (turning the nozzle upward) will give you a blast of air to help dry your face again. It can also add lift to flattening hairstyles.

Otherwise, try not to get too terribly wasted and take the majority of your photos in the first couple rounds of drinks.

Do you have tricks or favorites for long-lasting holiday makeup?