I Can Now Wear My Glasses As Much As I Want Thanks To This Genius Invention

This is why the Internet is the best.

It’s funny when somebody says to me “Oh you wear glasses?” because I’ve been wearing them since I was 16 years old. I don’t know what happened to the pairs I had in high school and college, but I still have the dark brown Brooks Brothers frames that I bought over 10 years ago. I wore those bad boys forever.

Then about two years ago, my boyfriend Ibra was featured in a campaign for Eyefly, an online glasses retailer, and I got a new pair for free at the launch party. They’re a lot like the geek-chic, black frames that everybody in my Brooklyn neighborhood seems so fond of.

As much as I love them, I mostly wear my contact lenses in public and reserve my glasses for weekends when I’m at home or running quick errands near my apartment. At least, that’s what I did until about a week ago when my WedGees arrived in the mail. You see, I hated wearing my glasses outside of the house because they would not stay on. I even tried getting them tightened -- no luck.

The bridge of my nose (if you can call it that) is pretty flat. My glasses would constantly slide down and pushing them back up every 10 seconds was INSANELY ANNOYING. I just couldn’t tolerate doing that all day at work or out shopping or wherever. It’s the worst.

So recently I was sitting around on the couch thinking about how much I wish I could wear my glasses more often (without the slippage issue) and I decided to Google “How to keep your glasses from sliding off.” That’s how I found WedGees, a.k.a. the most genius invention ever.

They’re these little foam thingies that you slip onto the arms of your glasses so that they sit behind your ears. The WedGees keep the frames closer to your head so that they DO NOT BUDGE. If that is not brilliant, I don’t know what is. Guys, this has changed my life. My glasses no longer move at all once they’re on!

And better yet, WedGees only cost $5.95 a pair and if you buy two, you get two free. Of course, I stocked up just in case these things ever get discontinued. I want to be prepared.

Now that I can wear glasses like a normal person, I want more (I have my eye on these ones from Warby Parker). I don’t need another pair, but I’m inspired by the oversized, dramatic frames that Jenna Lyons is known for. Gotta get me some of those! Maybe in tortoiseshell? And I loved the thick glasses Lupita Nyong’o wore when she sat front row at the Calvin Klein show last month. I’m actually wearing the same lip color as her in the photo above –- it’s ck One Pure Color Lipstick in 410 Wanted. And yes, I requested it because I am crazy-obsessed with Lupita. I mean, who isn't?

Anyway, I'm just so happy to have options! Also, it's probably not great for my eyes to wear my contact lenses all the time, so thank you, WedGee inventors, for helping me have healthier eyeballs.

I'm curious: What random beauty-related inventions have you discovered online? I'm telling you, sometimes the wacky things that are out there are actually useful.