How To Get Hair Like Marilyn Monroe

They say you're either an Audrey or a Marilyn -- but I can't say I agree.
Publish date:
August 29, 2012
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When I was younger, it was always about Audrey Hepburn. Doe-like eyes, love for animals and a face that could've launched well over 1,000 ships: She was the perfect icon. Marilyn on the other hand, almost frightened me. She oozed some sort of unbridled sexuality that I just couldn't relate to (Duh, I was 12), and it always seemed like she was, well, trying too hard.

Years, biographies and memoirs later, I realised that it looked like she was trying too hard because she was. MM and studio heads had created a carefully constructed persona that she desperately tried to hone, then shed years before her death. She came from a troubled past and a constant fear of abandonment that she never fully managed to recover from, which probably contributed to her untimely death at 36.

She was an absolutely fascinating character, and her beauty, to me, is unparalleled. What draws me to Marilyn now is how fragile, sad and seemingly insecure she was, despite being the most beautiful and most adored woman in the world. WHAT HOPE IS LEFT FOR MERE MORTALS??

Anyway. Here is a tutorial to get her hair. Not the perfect, set in layers of hairspray hair that screams 1950s glamour, but a more disheveled, at the beach, maybe having a cup of coffee in the morning Marilyn hair. Let's pretend that this is because I like the modern feel of this look better (which is the truth, at least), and not because I'm not very good with a curling iron.

Here is what you need to do -- which might make better sense in the video below.

First, apply a volumising mousse on damp hair.

Curl all the hair at the back with velcro curlers. You can do this with a curling iron, but I'm rubbish at getting the shorter bits at the back so I find this way easier.

Blow dry hair, concentrating on the roots to make hair as full as possible. Once dry, you want to start curling all the pieces of hair around your face, away from your face. (You can also curl it toward your face, which is how I think it's meant to be -- but my hair is too limp, so falls flat faster when I do it this way).

Remove curlers.

Tease around the crown with a teasing brush -- or any fine tooth comb will do. You might want to give the roots a blast of hairspray while you're doing this for extra hold.

Unravel the curls with your fingers towards the end.