If I Can Figure Out How To Apply False Lashes, So Can You

Once you get the technique down, applying them isn’t so bad.
Publish date:
December 3, 2014
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You may think you’re not a fake lashes type of girl.

“What do I need those things for?”

“They’re way too much work for me.”

“I couldn’t possibly do them myself.”

Well, YES, you can.

Fake lashes make your eyes look big and (even more) gorgeous. And once you get the technique down, applying them isn’t so bad.

Selecting the Lashes

You can buy falsies in any drugstore. I’m talking about strips here, but you can also buy individually applied lashes. (I’m just not skilled in that art yet.)

For me, personally, I buy strip lashes that are the most natural-looking. Each brand numbers their different styles, so once you find yours, go with it. Then buy some Duo Glue (the dark tone in the pink-striped bottle), make sure you have some fine-point tweezers and you’re good to go.

Before You Apply

Putting these puppies on will be the messiest part of your makeup application. You’ll want to do them first, before anything else, so you don’t screw up the rest of your makeup.

Line your top lids with black eyeliner (so the glue blends in). Then curl and apply mascara to your real eyelashes.

Hold the fake lash to your eye for measurement. You may want to make them a little smaller. Sometimes I cut off the ends -- but make sure you cut on the wide side, not the narrow side. If you don’t cut them, they might get too long and the insides of your eyes, close to your nose, will get itchy.

By the way, that’s how you distinguish the right lash from the left -- the narrow part goes closest to your inner eye.

Applying the Glue

Take the lash in your tweezers. Hold it at the end of the lash, but make sure you have a firm grip. Apply a thin line of Duo Glue to the base of the lashes.

You don’t need much because the glue will smear and get everywhere if you’re not careful. Make sure the most glue is on the edges. Let it sit for about 30 seconds so the glue gets tacky.

Putting on the Lash

Hold the lash to your eyelid using the tweezers. Put it as far down on your eyelid as your can. Even farther. Till it feels like it’s almost in your lashes. If you don’t put it far enough, you will be able to tell they’re fake.

Once you have it in place, use the top part of your tweezers to tap it and secure the glue. HOLD VERY STILL FOR, LIKE, A MINUTE. If you blink, the glue will go everywhere, your eyelids will stick together, and it will be a real mess.

It takes a lot of stillness and patience, but you should be good to go. You can apply mascara to these things, but that’s up to you.

Removing Them

Just pull them off! If you remove all the used glue with makeup remover, you should be able to get about three uses out of these guys.

Do you have any tricks for making this even easier?