Stick On Your Own Falsies and Forget Morning-After Mascara Smears

I had the headline as "Try It Tuesday" but Cat says there are only so many lame alliteration-y headlines for one beauty department and we already have "Makeup Monday" and "Wild, Wild, World of Waxing Wednesday."
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March 6, 2012
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"Ugh, you're regressing," Cat told me in disgust last night from Jane's couch, her favorite late-night place to work.

She was busy resizing some

Instagram image, her latest fixation

, while I flitted around the office preparing to leave -- a process that sometimes involves full hair styling and makeup application.

"You need other interests," she said, staring into her phone. "Let's go to something this week. An art opening. Something."

Cat is constantly reminding me not to let beautifying and living healthily stand in the way of actually doing things besides improving my appearance,

something I've talked about before

. She's right.

Lately for me, following that edict means skipping the gym and my nightly skincare regimen in favor of staying out and sometimes waking up wherever I want. Although Cat would prefer I read a book or volunteer.

Miraculously, sleeping in my makeup for a few nights* hasn't brought any new pimples to the surface (yet), and as you know I'm the poster girl for acne. The only thing I miss about my nightime beauty regimen are the results of Latisse usage. I've stopped for a few weeks now and it has left me with lots of sad little holes where my long elephant lashes used to be. A small price to pay I suppose, for

doing other things.

All these new gaps in my lashes remind me that

I promised to make a false eyelash video

a few weeks ago. I used Elite Eye Lashes (they're anything but) and

Andrea Perma Lash adhesive

, both of which are super cheap at Duane Reade. And

Tweezerman tweezers.

The whole thing is insanely easy, look.

"I don't get it,they look like nothing," Cat said when I showed her my falsies.

Now if that's not a testament to how natural these are then I don't know what is. I can't stress enough how easy to apply these are. I'm going to sleep in them tonight and see how they look in the morning. Surely better than the mess of undereye mascara I woke up with today.

*Cat would like to note that not taking off my makeup at night and skipping Latisse has nothing to do with expanding my world via the arts, volunteer work and such.

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