How-To: Wear Pigtails After Your Playground Years

Pigtails can look hot, not infantile, if you follow a few of these tricks.
Publish date:
May 31, 2011
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These days, Brigitte Bardot has lost fans with her racist tirades, but at least she used to have great hair. Really great hair. Whether it was in a big bouffant updo, a swingy ponytail or pigtails, she looked hot. So for once I am choosing to forget her awful ways and focus on the good with a hair tutorial on how to rock pigtails and not look like some sort of kiddie-fetishizing weirdo.

What you'll need:

  • A texturizing + volume 2-in-1 spray, I used LaCoupe's Volume Volume Root Blast Texture and Root Lift Spray ($7.99, at salons and Duane Reade)
  • A super-hold hairspray, I used a Peter Coppola spray that FOR SOME WEIRD REASON, I can't find online anywhere, as if it didn't even exist. So just use any good hairspray, I guess!
  • A fine tooth comb
  • Two coated hair elastics

Start by spritzing your hair with the volume + texture spray, using your hands to scrunch it in and make your hair a mess, basically.

Next, take the fine tooth comb and tease the layers at the back of your crown (that's the top of your head). Make yourself a veritable rat's nest. This look is about texture and imperfection. No sleek or prim pigtails for grown ups! That's creepy.

The final step is to divide your hair into two sections. It doesn't have to be perfectly parted down the middle, just try to get even amounts on either side. Gather your first ponytail and cinch it with an elastic right behind your ear. Tease the hair pointing out with the comb again for more volume and texture. Repeat on the other side. Add some liquid eyeliner if you're so inclined.

For some bonus detail, add a ribbon or a barrette to cover the elastic. If it's too cutesy for you, you can ditch it.

And that's it. So easy. Now I want to know, are you pro-adult pigtails or totally against it? Are pigtails creepy no matter what? What hairstyles do you think exclusively belong to the under-10 set?