How-To: Shimmer And Shine Without Looking Like A Disco Ball

My five favourite products for getting that oh-so-lovely glowy, ethereal look.
Publish date:
July 7, 2011
powder, eyeshadow, make-up, shimmer, highlighter, lipgloss

It's summer, and what you probably want most out of your beauty routine is simplicity and pretty, glowing skin that can be achieved with relative ease. Well, I've pulled together this look with just FIVE of my current favourite products. They'll get you glowing without looking greasy or like you've fallen asleep crafting and woke up to find yourself in a pile of glitter. Sound good? Let's get started.

The miraculous five

Step One: Wash your face with your regular cleanser, but use a washcloth and for a minute, massage your face in a circular motion. This will get rid of dead skin cells and get the glow going naturally. Pat dry and apply your favourite SPF moisturizer. Now for the make-up fun. First you're gonna apply L'Oreal's Studio Secrets Anti-Dull Skin Primer ($12.99, drugstores), a pinky-peachy toned cream with just the subtlest of shimmers. This stuff is fantastic, it evens out your skin tone and even though it has a pink tone, it doesn't make you ruddy but rather brightens things up and gives that "peaches and cream" kind of tone.

Next, use a giant fluffy brush to apply Philosophy's Divine Satin-Finish Illumination Powder ($30, [under "Retail Exclusives"]) all over. It gives you this yummy golden glow, sops up any greasiness, and evens everything out so you get this diffused, airbrush effect. Pretty.

Step Two: Detailing. Take the Dior 5 Couleurs Palette in "Rosy Nude" ($58, and starting with the champagne shade in the top left, apply it to your browbones, inner corners of your eyes, down the bridge of your nose (this will make your nose look thinner), and to your cupid's bow (that's the little v right above the center of your top lip, if you weren't sure.) Next, take the darkest shade (bottom left) and use your fingers (it's that easy) to apply into the creases of your eyelids. Blend the gold-y top right shade all over your eyelid.

Then, take the peachy coral shade on the bottom right and blend it along your cheekbones. So pretty. This palette is the best! It does everything!

Step Three: Apply N.Y.C.'s Smooch Proof LipStain in "Champagne Stain" ($4.99, drugstores). I've written about these little wonders before, but I (along with a bunch of other people) am obsessed. And for good reason. They smell like fruit punch, they come in amazing shades, they apply precisely, and they are super-duper inexpensive so you can stock up on the whole line if you wanted. This shade in particular is a pretty nude-y pink that just deepens the natural colour of your lips.

To top everything off and for a bit more shimmer, apply Elizabeth Arden's High Shine Lip Gloss in "Tropicoral" ($15, It's a peachy shade with gold flecks that isn't sticky at all. It'll make your lips look fuller and blended with the lip stain, it makes the prettiest, freshest shade.

So those are my suggestions, a nice mix of easy-to-apply products that you can wear day or night. Now I want to know, what are your favourite shimmery products for getting that dewy glow? Do share.