How Much of Your Beauty Regimen Do You Hide From Your Partner?

I'll go first. If I had a man, I'd hide 100%!
Publish date:
November 27, 2012

I got caught up in a "Sex and The City" marathon not too long ago, and one of my favorite episodes ever, "The Good Fight," happened to come on.

That particular one really resonated with me for a few reasons, namely because I, much like Carrie Bradshaw, suffer from SSB: Secret Single Behavior. While Bradshaw would never let her significant other see her eating a stack of saltine crackers smothered in grape jelly, there's a fuckload of beauty-related practices I'd never ever let my man -- if I had one -- see me perform.

Before y'all flip out on me, know this: I'm not alone. According to this survey, 70% of women believe hiding their thorough beauty regimen from their partners is paramount in maintaining the magic in their relationships. I am proudly a part of that 70% (even though I am currently single).

It's no secret that my primping process is all kinds of exhaustive; I've discussed the fact that I regularly exfoliate my butt, snatch my own snatch, indulge in weekly mud masks, whiten my own teeth -- I even tried to make my own perfume once. Among the things I haven't shared with you (as of yet): it takes me an hour to detangle my kinky curly hair, I smear cream all over my upper lip to remove peach fuzz, I tear up during my weekly $6 brow (and widow's peak) threading appointments and I even sleep in my makeup if I end up getting lucky and pulling an all-nighter.

To be honest, I don't think there's anything wrong with playing into the I'm-pretty-much-perfect game. I've always been told, "How you catch them is how you keep them." If I met him with my hair, nails and makeup done to the nines, and kept that up while dating, why should that change once we get comfortable? I'm not saying that I think I nor other women should be picture-perfect 24-hours a day, but I don't plan to abandon my personal (yet private) commitment to beauty, either. Why let yourself go once you fall in love?

Anyway, I'm asking you -- what's your SBB: Secret Beauty Behavior? Is there any part of your beauty regimen that you wouldn't want anyone else to see?

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