HOW TO: Line Your Lips So You Look Like a 90s SUPERMODEL a la HOUSE OF STYLE

Last week, MTV released the archives of House of Style. Have I been watching anything else for the past 5 days? Nope.
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August 2, 2012
lip liner, Cindy Crawford, house of style

Last week, MTV released the archives of House of Style -- you know, the 90s fashion newsmagazine-y show hosted by Cindy Crawford that featured models, pop stars and designers. It’s all online! Have I been watching anything else for the past 5 days? Nope.

It’s Naomi before she threw the cell phone. The Spice Girls shopping at Contempo Casual. JANE PRATT talking about SASSY and sex ed!! You guys, seriously, watch it right now. Spoiler: Jane’s a brunette in the first episode. Awesome.

I’m taking all this as a sign that the supermodel look is coming back. So to be totally prepared, we should take some time to learn that classic 90s beauty routine -- lip liner. Play with me!

What you need:

•A lip pencil that’s about 3 shades darker/deeper than your natural lip color. I got mine at Duane Reade for under $2. It’s Wet N Wild Coloricon Lip Liner in Brandy Wine (Shade # 666! SPOOKY.)

Lip balm. Any will do -- right now I’m using Blistex Fruit Smoothies in Triple Tropical because all the cool girls had it in middle school and I’m STILL TRYING TO CATCH UP!

•Lipstick in a shade slightly lighter than your lip pencil. I had Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in Peachy Scene lying around, which worked perfectly.

Once you got your stuffs, follow these little numbered instructions:

1.Run the lip pencil along your natural lip line. If you mess up, no sweat. I keep a little makeup remover nearby in case my hand suddenly goes CRAZY, which it is wont to do.

It's kooky now, but wait!

2.Apply lip balm to smudge the lip liner towards the center of your lips. You want to be able to see the line still, but it shouldn’t be so harsh.

3.Finish it off with lipstick! Do the usual apply, blot, apply, etc. You can run your lip pencil over your line one more time if you really want it to stand out.


Fill in your eyebrows (I use Benefit Instant Brow Pencil) and get that oomph hair factor with some dry shampoo or texturizer (Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray or Herbal Essences Texturizing Wax will work great).

Add a beauty mark to your upper lip if you’re really going for it. Here’s me kinda vamping it up with the final look -- What Would Cindy Do, ya know?

Note the penciled in beauty mark that is about five shades darker than my actual moles. I wanted you to be able to see it!

Now that you’ve got your lips expertly lined, STRUT IT! Or like, awkwardly interview people on the street, which is kind of what Cindy did on the show. Whatever, she’s still such a babe.

If you try this look, tweet me some pics! Here’s Cindy on the first episode in 1989, and me actin’ a fool. CAN YOU TELL WHICH IS WHICH?

Faux leather jacket is from Urban Outfitters a few years ago and the dress is American Apparel. Cindy is in Alaia, so like, kind of the same thing. Now I’m off to watch more HOS/take a nap -- wake me if you’ve got 10 grand!

Allie Riley Jones is watching TV and tweeting about it at @allierileyjones.