I'll Try Anything Once (As Long As Emily Tried It First)

In the interest of fair and balanced coverage of Violent Lip tattoos, here's a not-so-good experience with them.
Publish date:
September 1, 2011
Violent Lips, lip tattoos

Emily McCombs is my style icon here at xojane. She always looks so damn cute at work.

I was thrilled when Emily gave me a package of Violent Lips to try out for the weekend since she looked so freaking awesome wearing them. I wanted my friend, Abby, to wear them out with me to see how many guys would make out with us.

When it came time to put them on, she chickened out because she wanted to meet up with a guy at the bar. "What better way to get attention from a guy then to go out with something crazy on your mouth?!" I said, but she wasn't game.

I decided to YouTube the directions since I'm more of a visual learner. The girl made it look so easy that I knew I'd be able to slap those suckers on with no problem.

I was a little impatient while applying the tatts and didn't fully follow the directions. My lips looked really dry, like I painted them the colors of the french flag. I put on some lipbalm and part of the tattoo came off. I couldn't go out with a big chunk missing out of it; I had to take it off.

Once it was all off, my lips felt like they had been rubbed raw. I put on red lipstick and called it a night.

I still met a guy, so it wasn't a total disappointment.

Should I try the lip tattoos again? I still have one left. Have any of you tried them yet? Who's your favorite style icon on xojane?