How to get glossy, vampy lips like a wicked Disney queen

Don’t worry, the doll make-up tutorial is still coming! But I thought I’d share this video I made a few months back to keep you going until then.
Publish date:
August 6, 2012
glossy lips, make-up tutorial, purple lipgloss

It was actually for my own blog, and is a simple tutorial for the no mascara, strong eyebrows glossy, vampy lips look!

Being bad looks cooler than being good, right?

It’s essentially all about the glossy vampy lips as I think the lip product I feature in it MAKES the look, however all the other aspects play an important part in finishing it and keeping it polished!

Despite the warmer weather this look is still really on trend and is so easy to do, I think I only use two brushes throughout it! No actual skill required; it’s all in the key products! Enjoy.