Hooded Eyelids? Me Too. Here's Everything I've Learned About Applying Eyeliner To Them.

In my journey, I’ve tried several liners, and most have been eaten by my monster lids.
Publish date:
December 29, 2014
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Hooded eyelids are a pain. You’ll know if you’ve got em. It’s an extra fold of skin that covers the crease in your eyelid, making it appear smaller. Think Renee Zellweger before her eye lift.

These types of eyelids are impossible for makeup, especially eyeliner and shadow because they EAT anything you put on them, making it magically disappear after about an hour. I don’t want to be dramatic and say that I’ve struggled with this issue my whole life. But really, I have. In my journey, I’ve tried several liners, and most of them have been eaten by my monster lids.

Here’s what I’ve found, from the products that do and don't work to the techniques I now rely on.

Don’t bother with bullshit drugstore eyeliners. Your eyelids will DEVOUR this stuff alive. You’ll use this eyeliner once and then it’ll just be sitting around, staring at you forever, making you feel like a failure.

Clinique Brush on Cream Liner lasts for a long time, but you absolutely cannot use the brush provided. You have to buy an angled eyeliner brush in order to have any success. (And who’s got time for that, really?)

When I first got Marc Jacobs Highliner Gel Crayon, I thought my problems were solved and god had answered my prayers. It lasted all day for the first few applications then the point began to dull. I tried the built-in sharpener but it just wasn’t the same. My dreams were crushed. C'est la vie.

Urban Decay 24/7 Velvet Glide-On Eye Pencil: YES. This is the ticket! Sharpen, sharpen sharpen and this baby will be perfect. I first found out about Urban Decay eyeliner when I was performing in the HelloGiggles live show and I asked Ruby Karp what type of eyeliner she wore. She looked at me in the weird way that kids look at adults who ask them for advice and told me to try Urban Decay.

Liquid liner: if you have extra time, it's dope because it stays on most of the day. However, hooded lid ladies gotta be careful when putting it on. Apply to one lid, keep your eye closed, wait several minutes for it to dry, and carefully open your eyelid. If you don’t wait for it to dry, it will get on the upper fold of your eyelid and cause a huge mess. Try E.L.F. Studio Precision Liquid Liner. It’s only $3!

I go back and forth on ling the bottom lid. I think it makes your eyes stand out more if you do it, but I’ve had makeup artists tell me that it actually makes them look smaller. Regardless, if you do decide to do it, make sure the eyeliner is very sharp so you’re making a fine line on the inside of your lashes -- otherwise it will smear.

Also, the Urban Decay liner is the only one I’ve ever had lower-lid success with. And do it before you leave the house. Applying on the train or in the car doesn’t work so well. It’s a delicate art. Also, when I asked Ruby how to do it, she said, “Um, you just do it.” (Subtext: “You creepy adult.”)

Here are some overall tips to keep in mind:

  • Always use a pencil that can be well-sharpened.
  • Don't use drugstore eyeliner.
  • Get lots of sleep.
  • Be nice.

Can you add to my hooded-lid eyeliner tips?