Honey Beauty, Or Why Bees Can Make You Prettier And Better-Smelling

Bees are just about the coolest little dudes out there, and they can improve your beauty product collection too!
Publish date:
August 18, 2011
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I love bees. Honeybees, specifically. I'm pretty much crazy about them. For one thing, as a kid they were just about the only insect that didn't freak me out. And as I got older and started to learn about how important they are (and how sadly, they're in a ton of danger), I started to straight-up respect them. Those little guys work hard! If it weren't for bees and other pollenating creatures, we wouldn't have a huge portion of the food we eat. And they're in danger of dying off, in millions. That's pretty scary.

Aside from providing for us so nicely, they make honey: the all-around wonder goo. It sweetens your tea and baked goods, softens and heals skin, is a natural antiseptic, and eating local honey is known to lessen the severity of seasonal allergies. Hey bees, thanks for being so awesome and asking nothing in return! Sorry that huge farming corporations ship you around the world to pollenate crops and make you stress out so hard that you die! If I had a hive, I'd treat you right, I promise!

Now that I've given you a little Discovery Channel lesson and sufficiently embarrassed myself by writing an open letter to an insect that can't read, let's get to the beauty stuff. Seeing as I'm a bee freak, I am drawn to products that feature honey as a main ingredient and over the last while I've developed some definite favourites. So let's check them out.

Of course I own that book ... Wiggle Perfume's Bee perfume and Lush's It's Raining Men body wash with a super cute necklace from here.

1. Wiggle Perfume's "Bee" Perfume ($39 for 15 ml, wiggleperfume on Etsy.com)

Wiggle Perfume creates the most wonderful, vintage-y perfume oils with these elaborate, dreamy backstories. Bee is one of those fragrances, and my favourite of them all. It's a smoky, summery, honey-heavy scent that smells even sweeter and muskier as it lingers on your skin throughout the day. It's sexy and sweet without being overpowering, and it differs so drastically from anything you'll find on a department store counter today. I have the little rollerball and carry it with me everywhere. Order a sample (for $3!), I swear you'll love it.

2. Burt's Bee's Baby Bee Dusting Powder ($9 for 7.5 oz, burtsbees.com)

While this cornstarch based, honey-scented powder is intended for babies and their little diaper bits, I am without child and so I use it as a makeshift dry shampoo. It smells really great and does an effective job of sopping up oils in the hair. You could also invest in one of those fancy marabou powder puffs and dust it all over yourself after a bath like a luxurious dame. Whatever, whatever, do what you want.

3. A Beautiful Life Brand's Honey Do Shampoo and 4. Conditioner ($16 each or $30 for the set, abeautifullife.com)

I talk about A Beautiful Life's products a lot, and that is because they are AWESOME. And they smell so good. And don't get me started on the packaging. Actually, do. HOW CUTE ARE THESE? THEY ARE LITTLE HONEY BEAR BOTTLES. Whenever I wash my hair with it, I look at the bottle afterwards and say, "Awww!" out loud, alone in the bathroom with dripping wet hair. Because they're just that cute! And they gently cleanse your hair without parabens or sulfates while scenting it with a nice honey-tangerine scent. It's the whole package, really.

5. Lush's It's Raining Men Body Wash ($9.95-$27.95 for different sizes, lush.com) and 6. Honey I Washed The Kids Soap ($7.95 for 3.5 oz, lush.com)

It's Raining Men is a body wash modelled after the scent of Honey I Washed The Kids, a soap with a toffee-meets-fresh-from-the-honeycomb-honey deliciousness smell. (Also, those punny names, they just get to me). The body wash is limited edition (NOTE: they just added it to their permanent range so you can get it year-round. AWESOME), so go out and buy 500 bottles if you're interested in a ridiculously softening lather that makes you feel like you're bathing in melted caramel pudding but in a totally not-gross way.

7. David's Tea Honeybee Maté Tea ($13 for 100g looseleaf, davidstea.com)

So this isn't a beauty product, per se, but it is related to bees and it makes your body feel better and more lively. It's full of tiny, pretty flowers and different rooibos teas which makes it really floral and lovely, and maté which is a natural stimulant so you feel less crappy in the morning and more like a busy, energetic, little bumblebee! And the honey makes it sweet. It's so good brewed hot or iced. Try it!

Now, if you're interested in helping fund the research to stop Colony Collapse Disorder, check out this link. And buy local honey! Those farmers love their bees like family. Someday I will have my own little bee family. Ah, it brings a tear to my eye ...

P.S. Tell me, is there a certain aspect of a product that will draw you in? Whether it's an ingredient, like honey, or the company's ethics? Or awesome packaging? Do let me know what inspires you to purchase something.

Or ... just tell me your favourite animal. I think we've all gotten close enough to share something so personal.