Holy Grail Products -- Utterly Brilliant Products Everyone Should Know About

In the name of sharing and caring, here is my list of ultimate HG products, those that I re-buy every time they run out.
Publish date:
October 29, 2012

Holy Grail products: The products that you use right up, that you never abandon, and that you always come back to. The products that don’t end up put away in a drawer along with a load of half-finished packets of gum and old train tickets. The products that you rely on, because you KNOW if you look like you’ve just been dug up, they are reliable enough to help you look just a little bit more human; you can leave your house safe in the knowledge that babies won’t start crying when they see your face.

Holy Grail products are a constant source of dependability in this cruel, cruel world!

Over the years, having spent a lot of time slapping things on my face, I know what works for me, and I have some Holy Grails of my own that I want to share. Obviously the point of a Holy Grail (or HG) product is that it is YOUR HG -- but sometimes an HG is an HG because it is a BRILLIANT product and needs to be shared with the world.

For example, I like my lashes to look as long, black and thick as possible, which is why my HG works for me -– but others may prefer brown or even clear mascara (YOU ARE DEAD TO ME). I like my foundation to be light, and I like my fragrance packed with white florals and tuberose. I like my blush specked with a shimmer. It’s all subjective.

But in the name of sharing and caring, here is my list of ultimate HG products, those I re-buy every time they run out. These are not flirtations, like my lipstick purchases are -- these are long, epic love affairs.

This is my face with all my HG stuff on it, with added Ruby Woo. There’s always room for Ruby Woo.

Foundation: Lancome Teint Miracle. $39, Sephora

This foundation is the most expensive I’ve used on the reg. But when it’s on my face, I know where my extra pennies have gone. The formulation is light, non-sticky and blends like a dream -- and smells good to boot. It has a dewy -– but not sweaty -– finish and it doesn’t mask my freckles. I know that when I finish a bottle, I’ll be buying another. Also, it lasts ages. I bought my last bottle in March and still have tons left. The downside is that they don’t stock darker shades, which is massively backward.

Eyeliner: Rimmel Glam Eyes. $3.99, Amazon

My trademark flicky eye has been drawn on daily for over 10 years with Rimmel’s Glam Eyes liquid eyeliner. I don’t even bother trying any other brands any more. This drugstore product glides on easily, stays put all day and the nib draws the perfect shape with no fuss. Granted, a flicky eye takes practice, but this old dependable will always have a place in my makeup bag thanks to its reliability -- and it’s CHEAP, man!

Blush: Nars Orgasm. $28, Sephora

Nars Orgasm goes with EVERYTHING. It goes with a dramatic eye. It goes with a punchy lip. It looks equally as beautiful on the palest of skins and the darkest. The shade -- pinky peach -- is packed with tiny flecks of gold shimmer so it really gives a healthy glow in one sweep. This blush is a makeup artist’s favorite, and that’s no coincidence. I’ve yet to find a dupe that works as well.

Mascara: Max Factor Xperience

Max Factor Xperience has the least exciting packaging EVER and gets basically zero marketing. I have no idea why, because it is without a doubt the best mascara I have ever used. It is glossy and it pumps up my lashes to the max. I always get questions about which mascara I use –- it’s this one! It’s cheap, too, and doesn’t flake or clump like a lot of its brand sisters.

Perfume: Juicy Couture, Juicy Couture. $77.90, LuxuryPerfumes.com

I love switching my perfumes on a day-to-day basis and usually have 7 or 8 on the go at once. The thing they all have in common? They're nearly all white florals. What can I say, I’m a creature of habit! As much as I love having a winter fragrance (Coco Chanel, sprayed into my scarf, and breathed in throughout the day making me feel safe and cozy), I always come back to this one. It may not be the most respected fragrance house in the world -– it’s no Chanel or Serge Lutens or Roja Dove -– but I love it. Juicy Couture’s eponymous first fragrance, with its over-the-top packaging and punch of tuberose that dries down to a creamy, caramel base. I consider it to be my signature scent.

I love this bottle. It’s so obnoxious.

Moisturizer: Nivea Refreshingly Soft Moisturizing Crème. $2.97, Walmart

I go absolutely cray for Nivea Soft. I slather it on my hands all day at my desk, and the scent reminds me of summer and sunshine and swimming pools. And it is SO CHEAP! If I have dry elbows, a little goes a long way and while I don’t use it on my face, I understand you can. Multipurpose products FTW!

So these are my HGs. What are your products you go back to time and time again?

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