7 Gifts For Your Stressed-Out BFFs (Or Yourself)

'Tis the season for finals, exams, travel, family events, and other stress-inducing scenarios.
Publish date:
December 8, 2014
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Everyone I know is super stressed. Many of my friends are in medical school, law school, and various graduate or Ph.D. programs. Others are stressed out for a variety of reasons, and because I love them, I want to help. That’s why I like to give my friends gifts with the intention of helping them de-stress, re-energize, and feel all sorts of better. Here are my suggestions.

For The Friend Who’s On Her Feet All Day

Whether waiting tables or doing medical rounds, walking around all day can do a number on your feet. Treat her to some revitalizing fun with The Body Shop Peppermint Reviving Foot Soak ($16). Cooling peppermint oil immediately brings life back to aching feet while salts and cocoa butter help to relieve muscles and smooth impurities.

For The Friend Who Deserves A Night Off

When you’re busy, it can be hard to dedicate a night to submerging yourself in hot water for a few hours. Convince your pal to spend an evening soaking with Laura Mercier honey bath products. The brand's Almond Coconut Honey Bath ($45) is my favorite, as it fills the whole room with warm, rich scents of coconut, almond, and vanilla for a musky winter evening. But the Fresh Fig Honey Bath ($45) is fantastic as well. It’s a lighter, fruitier scent with fruity notes of fig, nectarine, and ylang ylang.

If your friend is a fan of the bubbliest of bubble baths, go with Bliss Vanilla + Bergamot Soapy Suds Body Wash + Bubbling Bath ($20). With a warm and yummy scent, this stuff fills the tub with major bubbles and foam. You don’t need to use a lot to get a lot, so the bottle will last a long time.

For The Gym-Addicted BFF

We all have that friend who feels more at home in a gym or yoga studio than anywhere else. Even if you can’t relate, you can help them relax their achey, breaky muscles. Elemis Musclease Herbal Bath Synergy ($20) is a blend of seemingly magical powders and salts that quickly and calmly soothe muscle pain away. Maritime pine, rosemary essential oil, and algae work together to reduce inflammation, improve circulation, calm stressed joints, and ease overall tension.

For The Friend Who Works From Home

It’s important that a house be a place that inspires creativity and productivity rather than stress. For that, Royal Apothic Classic Luminarie Candles ($36) keep my home smelling warm and inviting. Velvet Dahlia is a gorgeous blend of citrus and florals that helps me feel awake and alert, like drinking a good tea. And English Rose is a warm blend of vanilla, bergamot, and white florals that's perfect on a cold winter day.

For The Stressed-Out Student

In school, stress is never ending. The Aveda Stress-Fix line is here to save the day. Their Gift of Stress Release Gift Set ($84) is the perfect gift for any student. Everything is formulated with aromas of French lavender, lavandin, and clary sage for maximum relaxation. The hydrating body lotion sinks quickly into skin and leaves just the softest hint of fragrance throughout the day. The Stress-Fix Concentrate packs all the calming powers of the collection’s essential oils into a roller ball for anxiety relief. And the Stress-Fix Soaking Salts turn your bath into a sanctuary, while leaving your skin soft and smooth.

  • How do you like to “treat” your stressed-out friends? Or yourself?
  • Do the holidays stress you out?