Sparkle Up Your Holiday Hairdo With Charmsies

Yes, there is a real thing called “Charmsies,” and they are so totally awesome.
Publish date:
December 18, 2014
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Sometimes I forget that not everyone thinks like me, that not everyone loves unicorns and wears glittery shoes and paints their hair rainbow colors. I forget that, for a lot of levelheaded people, magic isn’t real and every day isn’t a holiday. But cute little products like Charmsies give me hope that my mission to make the world as glittery and fun as possible isn’t in vain.

Charmsies are hair charms, and by that I mean little magical hearts and stars and whatever other shapes you choose that attach into your hair and look so pretty and cute that it’s sort of ridiculous. They come in pre-arranged clusters, but they can easily be cut out (like a temporary tattoo) if you want to space them yourself, and they add just the right amount of subtle sparkle to any hairdo.

Seriously, it’s like the ultimate lazy girl hair statement--all you need is four seconds and a straightening iron to “install” them!

Charmsies come in all sorts of fun colors and shapes (including special edition Christmas stars), and each pack contains eight sets of “celestial clusters.” I went on a bit of a spree and picked out a couple of packs, including an iridescent mix with hearts, but in the end gold stars won me over for the trial run.

All you need to do to attach Charmsies to your hair is peel the plastic side of the sheet off, stick the sticky side onto your hair, and apply heat with a straightening iron for about four seconds.

I just got a new fancy Chi iron, and as a naturally straight-haired girl who has never ironed hair in her life, I was pretty skeptical of this step, but honestly, all you have to do is clamp the iron over the charms super quick and you’re good. Just make sure to peel the paper off slowly in case your iron missed a spot or a star or two isn’t attached.

In case that sounds complicated, there are a ton of videos and instructions on the Charmsies website, but it's straightforward when you have the package in your hands.

Adding these little charms to your ’do couldn’t be simpler, and getting them out is even more routine. Simply apply conditioner to the charmed area and brush out the little jewels. Until then, they’ll stay in no matter what degree of hair flinging you do while rocking around the Christmas tree--trust me, I tested it.

In updos, sprinkled across a fringe, or mixed throughout long wavy hair like some sort of celestial mermaid goddess hairstyle, these little gems are the perfect way to add a bit of magic to your look, even if you don’t believe that mermaids are secretly real (which, sorry, they are).

  • Would you wear Charmsies in your hair for the holidays?
  • What about the rest of the year?