How To Mix Silver, Gold & Bronze Makeup In One Look

I hereby decree that combining metallic makeup hues is unexpected holiday chic.

Look, there are enough antiquated sartorial rules out there, wet-blanketing any creativity one may have for combining black with navy or sporting white the second week of September. Beauty is no exception, and while I’ll gladly wear a dark eye and dark lip, I generally don’t mix metals in my accessories. When it comes to makeup, however, not only is it a great idea to mash together opposing metals--it’s flattering in a subtle and unexpected way that’s dead easy to do, rules notwithstanding.

Before I release the Kraken on this thing, I will preface by saying that when dabbling in makeup alchemy, joining silver and gold in fabulous matrimony looks the most striking when you let both metals shine.

Do not try to blend one into the other to form some muddy mess. Because of the light-reflecting quality, blending the two often just dulls both out, defeating the whole purpose of being a silvery golden goddess. You can focus on one and accent with the other, or balance both with complimentary symmetry. Dealer’s choice!

I washed a coppery/bronze shade (Vincent Longo Wet Diamond Eyeshadow in Genie Pop) all over my upper lid and into the crease. Then I brushed a gold color (Vincent Longo Crème Gel Liner in Golden Orbit) in a thick reverse cat-eye along my lower lash line.

A silver lining adds some lightening to your lash-batting, thanks to Stila Magnificent Metals Foil Finish Eye Shadow in Comex Platinum--liquefied with its included primer. If you have silver eye shadow on hand, you can wet an angled liner brush and swirl it in that for a similar effect. For the die-hards, Inglot makes this stuff called Duraline that basically turns any powder shadow into a waterproof stay-put liquid liner.

I swiped some black mascara on both sides of my lashes (quite a bit of silver liner got on my lashes, taking it from angelic to alien--not really what I’m going for here) and swept bronzer on my cheekbones.

If you really want to go H.A.M. with your metal-mixing, match your mani to your preferred metal of choice. I’ve got YSL Nail Lacquer in Dore Orfevre on my digits, which is a nice even gold shimmer. The cool thing about gold polish is that the right tone makes your fingers look longer in a subtly shimmery way--the same theory behind nude heels elongating your legs. But gold is clearly the superior choice to nude.

Keeping lips on the natural side, the whole look comes together as a sophisticated cohesive glimmer. It’s off-beat glamour that doesn’t inspire pearl-clutching so much as it does a double-take. Charming, no?

  • What are your feelings on mixing conventional non-mixables (colors, that is)?

Personally, I think black and navy done right looks really chic in an minimalist way, and while I may not wear silver earrings and a rose gold pendant at the same time, the above evidence attests my gameness as far as beauty metal mélange-ing goes.