The BEST Beauty Gifts For Everyone On Your List

Naughty or nice, everyone deserves fantastic presents.
Publish date:
November 10, 2014
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Though I really love Halloween, I'm not such a fan of the rest of the holidays. So much stress. So much pie.

OK, I love pie. But I get SO maxed out on trying to figure out what to buy all the people in my life! There's a point in December where I seriously start considering getting everyone a gallon of milk and some Band-Aids and calling it a day.

If you're like me and you get burned out on present shopping, never fear! I've compiled an awesome gift guide so that you don't have to stress about what to get ANYONE this year.

For fragrance lovers (because perfume is a gamble)...NEST Fragrances Sicilian Tangerine Candle ($34)

I like candles, but I HATE how 99% of them smell. That said, I’ve gotten up close and personal with NEST's entire range and I love practically all of them. My favorite is definitely this fun, sparkling mixture of rich citrus and orchid--warm enough to work in the colder months, light enough to not fog up your entire house with the scent. And here's a fun story: Elton John has these tangerine candles on every table at Fizz, his Champagne bar in Vegas. The idea is that whenever you light it, it’s time for a glass of bubbly. THAT’S the kind of candle I can get behind.

For the handy folks (and I'm sorry about that pun)…Aveda Hand Relief Cream ($24)

If you live in a place that gets horribly cold, chapped hands are an unfortunate fact of life. NO MORE. This is the best hand cream in the entire world--there’s a reason that my mum (the nurse) gives little tubes of it to everyone she knows around the holidays. Moisturizing and non-greasy with a mild herbal scent, this is a perfect present for anyone who washes their hands a lot, works with their hands or just wants a luxurious pick-me-up at their desk partway through the day.

JINsoon Tout Ensemble Gift Set ($56)

Packaged in a gorgeous, sleek case, this gift set contains four of JINsoon’s amazing nail polishes: Chamonix (black with shimmer), Georgette (ivory), Motif (black and white square glitter) and Bijou (square gold and white glitter). I’ve gone on record as saying that JINsoon polishes are completely brilliant, and I am in LOVE with this gift set. Not only do you get four full-size polishes for a great price ($56 rather than $72), but you get gorgeous colors and textures that work for both the holidays AND the rest of the year. Your gift recipient can wear these polishes together, separately, however they like--with a great formula and insane wear, they absolutely cannot go wrong.

For lipstick lovers…Lipstick Queen, Red Carpet Edit ($55)

This may be the perfect holiday gift. Who doesn’t love red lipstick and OPTIONS? In this pretty velvet box, you will find three lipsticks in the same LQ color, red. Perfectly balanced between cool and warm, and flattering on an incredible variety of skin tones, these three lipsticks are all the same color, but each has a different finish: Red Sinner (opaque, matte, dramatic), Saint Red (sheer, lightweight, moisturizing), and Red Metal (shiny, super metallic). So you’re giving someone the greatest gift of all--perfect red lipstick in a shade that flatters, with three ways to wear it. Brilliant.

For when the eyes have it…Lancome Color Design 5 Pan Eyeshadow Palette ($50)

The best beauty gifts are things that people will get a lot of use out of. And in my makeup case, there is NOTHING that I reach for as often as this palette in Taupe Craze. The included shades are neutral perfection and there are SO MANY WAYS to use them--combined, alone, as highlighter, as brow filler. Even the little sponge applicators are surprisingly useful.

For the people you genuinely have NO IDEA WHAT TO GET, SERIOUSLY…Pinch Provisions Minimergency Kit ($16)

If you aren’t sure what to give someone as a gift, preparing them for disasters is always a good idea. These adorable kits contain SO MANY USEFUL THINGS: lip gloss, Band-Aids, hairspray, painkillers, double-sided tape, an extra earring back, a needle with multiple colored threads, etc. The soft case comes in a bunch of colors (I especially like the pink one with the “Hot Mess” zipper pull) and is small enough to fit in pretty much any bag.

  • So tell me: are you getting people beauty gifts this year?
  • Which of these items would you be MOST stoked to receive?
  • What the heck do you get someone when you have no idea what to give them?