Gifts That Do Good: This Palette Helps Fight Ovarian Cancer

Laura Mercier wants to give you the most gorgeous skin of your life AND cure cancer. Here's how you can help.

The holidays are fast approaching, and if you're like me, you're banging your head against a wall and wondering how you have so many loved ones that are so hard to shop for. I mean, what do you get for the people who already have everything?

I've finally found the answer. How about gorgeous makeup that helps fight ovarian cancer?

Some facts: Ovarian cancer affects 1 in 70 women. It is the fifth leading form of cancer death among American women and THE most lethal gynecological cancer. It’s usually caught at a late stage. There are currently no reliable early detection methods.

Laura Mercier wants to change all that. One hundred percent of the profits from the brand's Bonne Mine palette and Peach Hope lip glace go to the Laura Mercier Ovarian Cancer Fund, so not only are you buying something gorgeous for someone you love (or yourself!), you’re also helping to do good. And for women staring down the barrel of cancer--like I was at 24--every bit of good counts.

Let's take a look at these gorgeous, perfect gifts.

The Bonne Mine Palette comes in a thin, hard case that’s easy to store and transport. It has a HUGE mirror in the lid, behind which are tabs showing you how to use each product.

In the palette you get a bronzer veil (1 in the picture below), two cheek veils (for blush, 2 and 3) and two gloss veils (for shimmer, 4 and 5). These are all richly pigmented and easy to blend cream formulas.

I thought these colors (especially the bronzer) would be too intense for me. I was so wrong! Blended well, these are perfect for my pale skin and can easily be layered for brighter or richer payoff. I can see this working on a wide range of skin tones, not just on those with light to medium complexions, which makes it the perfect holiday gift.

I’ve been testing these colors for a couple of weeks, and they’re awesome. They don’t push your foundation around when you apply them. You can layer the shades without the ones beneath rubbing off. Once set, they don’t settle into lines or crease up, and they fade slowly and evenly. I’ve gotten 10 hours of wear from the bronzing veil and 6 to 8 on the cheek and glow veils.

The Peach Hope Lip Glace is equally stellar. It’s a near-universally flattering peach shade with enough shimmer to be interesting, but not SO much that you look like a disco nightmare when you wear it.

This gloss feels so lightweight and comfortable on my mouth, I often forget I'm wearing it. That's huge for someone who HATES sticky glosses. It also doesn’t feather out into the lines around my mouth or settle into any cracks on my lips (thank, winter).

This is a gloss, so expect to reapply every couple of hours. But the color itself is so pigmented that you won’t need much to refresh it.

It’ll probably come as no surprise that I’ve got my own way of wearing these gorgeous products. The guide is awesome, but I'm a rebel! Here's the best look I've created so far.

I apply light foundation and conceal any spots, then apply a teeny tiny bit of translucent setting powder to set. I apply the bronzing veil under my cheekbones for warmth and definition and blend really well.

Next, I take the light pink cheek veil and blend it along my cheekbones, up toward my temples. Then I take a teeny bit of the rich brown-red and dab it on the chubbiest part of my apples for an ombré look.

The glow veil is my FAVORITE. The light shade works best on me, and I apply it down the bridge of my nose and lightly up my forehead, over my eyelids, along the tops of my cheekbones and up around the temple, then dabbed on the Cupid’s bow and a teeny pit on the chin.

I use the darker glow veil to define my eyes, running it under my lower lashes and along my crease, blending completely with my finger. I find that these shades crease a little when used as eye shadow, but a dab of translucent powder overtop prevents that without killing the shimmer.

I color in my brows, apply some black mascara, and the eyes have it!

Finally, I (re)apply the Peach Hope lip glace and my look is complete.

It’s a very subtle look--like I’ve just spent some time on a sunny beach and I'm really happy. Which, let’s face it, is something EVERYONE in the Northern Hemisphere is dreaming of right now.

Seriously. I'm flippin' radiant here.

So if you can’t get your friend or loved one a tropical vacation, these LMOCF products are definitely the next best things. Plus, tropical vacations don't save lives! For more info, plus other ways you can get involved, check out the Laura Mercier Ovarian Cancer Fund's website.

  • So what do you think: are these products you'd get for someone on your list?
  • How much do charitable contributions influence the makeup that you buy?
  • Anyone else already dreaming of tropical vacations?