Would You Like to Play a Game (in Which You Go as Saw's Billy the Puppet for Halloween)?

An xoHalloween tutorial.
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October 21, 2015
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I have a confession to make: I've only seen two-and-a-half of the movies in the Saw series. The first I watched in a theater when it came out and was thoroughly horrified, but I found it to be more of a psychological thriller than pure gore fest. I was also able to stomach the second one, though I questioned whether I was becoming older and more of a wuss, as it didn't sit quite as well with me as the first.

Cue Saw III. I actually snuck into the theater to watch it (I think for the thrill of it?) with three other college friends. However, I felt so nauseated sitting there in the dark while people were tortured on the screen that I had to excuse myself. And that, my friends, was the last time I ever saw a Saw movie. I just can't do gore like I used to, apparently.

Anyway, Jigsaw's Billy the Puppet is a creepy mofo and therefore the perfect Halloween costume. I decided to feminize the character a little bit and add a few of my own touches. Enjoy!

Step 1: Whiten Yourself

After applying a primer to my skin, I used Sigma's 3DHD Kabuki brush to apply Kryolan's Supracolor Cream Makeup in White. This Tri Color Circle with red, black and white is actually all you'll need to create the look, as well as some finishing powder and mascara.

Applying the white base takes some patience, but just keep adding color until you reach a nice opacity. I found that small, light, vertical strokes worked the best. This Kabuki brush is tapered, which allows you to get into small crevices, but you can also use a small brush to get color around your eyes and nose.

Step 2: Dark Circles

Next I dabbed my Sigma Precision Flat-Angled brush (P88) in the black and stippled it only the skin around my eyes. I blended it out using a mixture of the white and the black. A little goes a long way with Kryolan, so use a light hand.

Step T3: Getting Cheeky

The swirls are easy enough to recreate. To make sure things lined up, I applied a red dot on either side of my cheek for where the center of the swirl would begin. Then I circled around three times. I did go back over the swirls a couple times to build up color.

Step Four: Jaw Draw

Here's where things start to get particularly creepy. Using the same Sigma smudge brush, I drew a long rectangle around my lips, and then drew two upward triangles on either side. I also drew a black line in the center of my lips--just big enough to make sure it got noticed--and two black vertical lines on either side of my cheek. Up close it looks kind of strange, but from a distance it really creates the illusion of a doll-like jaw.

Step 5: Eyes

For the final makeup touch, I lined my eyes with a mixture of red and black. I had contemplated getting red contacts for this, but it required the approval of an optometrist. I think it could make for a super-duper-creepy effect if you happen to recreate this.

The Finished Look

To really complete the look, you'll want a white collared shirt and black jacket, which I sourced from a thrift store, and a red bow tie. I purchased mine from Amazon last year for a different costume.

As I mentioned in the intro, I wanted to create a more feminine look, so I opted for this black pigtails wig from HalloweenCostumes.com.

Into it? Scared? Too cheesy? And tell me -- can you watch gore movies or are you a wuss like me?