Mastering The Gold Cat Eye

Nothing says festive like a sexy streak of gold magic on your eyelids.
Publish date:
December 28, 2014
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The holidays call for gold, lots of it, and a gilded cat eye provides just the right amount of gleam to glam up any ensemble or beauty look. It’s impressive, pretty, and oh-so-simple, which makes it one of my top picks for festive events.

The only problem with the gold cat eye is that it can be tricky to get right. The black liner, which anchors the look, needs to be perfectly shaped and smooth where the black meets the gold. And if the gold isn’t opaque enough, the black will show through underneath. A super-thin gold line won’t show up when you’re making eyes at that sweet thing under the mistletoe, and don’t even get me started on overly thick gold lines. Basically, success all comes down to a combination of products and patience.

I am the least-patient person I’ve ever met, so I made a simple guide to help us harried girls master the gilded cat eye once and for all this winter. The best part? You only need three products!

Start by priming your eyelids to prevent any smudging or movement. I’m obsessed with Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer (but any fantastic primer you have on hand will do). This lightweight vegan formula really keeps everything in place all day.

Next, line your upper lids with your liner pen of choice (I like Chanel Ecriture De Chanel Eyeliner Pen) as you usually would for a cat eye--thinner in the inner corner and thicker toward the edges. When you get to the outside edge, extend one thin line directly out with a slight upward angle. Make sure that both sides are exactly the same before you got to the next step. The Chanel liner pen is great for this because it’s so stiff and sharp--it makes being exact much easier.

Once you have two matching, upward-angled lines coming from the outer edges of your eyeliner, make a triangle by drawing liner directly from the middle of the outer corner of your eye up to the existing line. This should create a tiny hollow triangle.

Next, fill in your triangle. The “flicks” should be identical on both eyes, but if one is wonky you’ll have to wipe it and start from scratch.

When you’ve got the black portion of your cat eyes perfect and the liner has fully dried, it’s time to add your gold. Lush’s metallic liquid liners are so bold and shiny, and the thin brush is ideal for adding small details without making a mess, so they’re perfect for this kind of look.

Slowly and carefully trace the top of the black line with gold liner, trying your best to keep the gold line even and smooth, all the way out to the flick. Again, this may take a few tries, but don’t give up--concentration is key.

And that’s it! A perfect gleaming golden cat eye that would make even King Midas bat a lash.

  • Anyone over cat eyes yet? (NOT US!)
  • What are your favorite gold eyeliners?