Rebellious Holiday Makeup for the Party and the Afterparty

If you still consider a strong eye and strong lip combo "rebellious."
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December 6, 2016
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Not that you need a party as an excuse to paint up your visage all festive-like, but parties certainly serve as good motivation. Who knows who will be there! Who you may meet! Perhaps an ex, or a new friend, or a new "friend" — truly, anything could happen, especially if we are to subscribe to the Love Actually or New Years Eve adaptations of holiday parties. After all, cuffing season is upon us.

I'm not telling you how to navigate social gatherings or what an appropriate gift would be for a host, but I will strongly advise you to skip the Christmas sweater party for the obvious reasons. I will also show you two ways to put makeup on your face so you look better than everyone else at any party and/or afterparty.

Party Vibe: Disco As Interpreted by the 90s

This is a very specific look that pulls from mostly two references but has been modernized to the point of having virtually no reference at all — so pretty much "on trend" to the present and near future. It involves lots of rich burgundy and brown tones (which I always associate with the 70s but I guess could also be attributed to the 90s).

Look at all that bronze! So much bronze.

I used that lower left-hand square of the Smith & Cult Book of Eyes Quad as a wash all over the eyelid.

And then I used a stiff liner brush and lined my lower lash line with e.l.f. Long-lasting Lustrous Eyeshadow in Gala, blending it into a bitty wing at the corner.

I applied several coats of Urban Decay's Vice Lipstick in Conspiracy and did a lazy-drape with a bronze-y pearlescent MAC Extra Dimension Skin Finish (I got this one over a year ago and I don't think they make this shade/pressed powder embossed design anymore).

Afterparty Vibe: Off-Duty Cocktail Waitress

Someone once said to me that Uber Pool is the afterparty. I think he was implying that's where people meet randos and maybe exchange numbers or hook-up, but all my Uber Pool experiences have generally been fielding European tourists who insist on cramming three or four of their friends into a Prius despite the two-passengers-per-pool rule. This is why I take the subway 99% of the time.

I have two conflicting theories about late night endeavors, one of which being that if you're having a pretty good time, you risk ruining it past 2AM at which point shit tends to generally go down; and the other theory is that the afterparty is where all the magic happens. It mostly depends on how much optimism you have to keep you going. Let me tell you: it's much easier to have optimism reserves when you have glitter on your face — that's a fact.

I broke open Marc Jacobs About Lash Night set for this look; it contains a mini black Highliner Gel Eye Crayon that I liberally sooted-up my lower lashline with. I really love this liner as the best pencil-form liner I've met so far that applies like a true gel and wears like liquid. Also, it doesn't budge.

After that, I dabbed the Lame Noir Ultra-Glittering Mascara on my eyelid straight from the wand — it applies easily since the glitter bits are suspended in a thin gel that dries down and really sticks those suckers on there. And then tons of black mascara with the O!Mega Lash Volumizing Mascara tops off this trash-glitter eye.

A liberal drape of Marc Jacobs' Air Blush in Flesh & Fantasy high up on my cheekbones and Sephora Collection Rouge Infusion Lip Stain in Fig Ink on my lips a few times over equals an out-of-focus flush overall.

Not saying that you should sleep in it (you should not) but this glitter stuff really stays put, so if the night leads to crashing at the foot of your friend's bed or on one side of a new sexy acquaintance's bed... your eyes will leave very minimal trace of merriment on those sheets.

  • Have you ever met anyone cool in an Uber Pool?
  • Any good afterparty stories? Or cuffing season stories for that matter?
  • How do we feel about the 70s trying to be a thing again, fashion/beauty-wise? I'm skeptical but it's growing on me.