Glitter Gradient Holiday Nail Art For Lazy Girls Like Me

Ain't nobody got time to sketch snowflakes on their accent fingers.
Publish date:
December 11, 2014
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Holiday nails aren't for everyone. Life is hard and sometimes you just don't have time to draw little snowflakes and Santa hats onto your accent fingers.

You want to look festive, but you also want to put in the least amount of effort possible. Enter The Face Shop’s Gradation Art Nail Kit in Holiglow. This three-step system will make your fingers look like they've been traipsing through all sorts of holiday pies--if holiday pies were made of glittery elf vomit.

Here's how to use the colors in the kit (or similar colors that you have in your collection).

First, apply a coat of the sheer white glitter polish. Then use the chunky silver glitter polish to create a gradient glitter look on the top half of each nail.

The last step (isn't this SO easy?) is to add the mixed size red, green, and gold glitter to the tip of each nail.

And here's a DIY version you can do with plain old craft glitter.

The results here aren't quite the same, but they're just as festive.

Start with your sheer, shimmery base polish and then, while nails are still wet, use a paintbrush to add strokes of glitter. (Side note: this version is way messier.)

  • Does holiday nail art make you do a mental cartwheel? Or does it stress you out?
  • Is anyone shelling out the cash to get professional nail art this holiday season? What are you getting?!