A Sparkly Red Lip For Holiday Cards And Photos

Want to stand out in holiday photos? Glitter lip.
Publish date:
December 15, 2014
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I'm all about trying new things, especially when it comes to beauty. I've slathered coconut oil on my armpits, befriended funny-looking contraptions, conditioned my hair with mud, and even rubbed snail slime all over my face. So to be perfectly honest, wearing a full mouth of glitter is hardly pushing the limit for me.

That said, glittery lips aren't exactly that wearable in your everyday life, so I was a little uncertain about one of Ciate's newest products, Glitz Fix ($19).

Ciate says it's "a kit for a glittery glam lip look in an instant."

It comes with three pieces: A tube of glitter, a tube of sealant, and a fan brush for cleanup.

STEP 1: apply an even coat of the sealant. I recommend getting up close and personal with a mirror to make sure you've got the "glue" all over your lips. Remember in grade school when you'd smudge Elmer's Glue on a piece of construction paper and then douse it with glitter only to realize you'd missed a spot with the glue? That's what will happen on your lips if you don't take your time applying the sealant.

STEP 2: Apply the glitter straight from the tube. This takes patience and finesse, as the glitter is a little stubborn. Start applying to your lips, little by little. The first coat is really thin, so I recommend at least two to three passes.

STEP 3: Clean up. I actually didn't have too much fall-out, so clean-up was a breeze. You can see here that the glitter is pretty even, though not as full or dramatic as the packaging shows. Still, it's a pretty cool effect.

My ultimate assessment of glitter lips? Well, it looks fabulous for approximately 20 minutes. And it may look fabulous for even longer than that, permitting you don't smile, talk, eat, or breath through your mouth. For the sake of this article, I did some singing, some smiling, some fake laughing, and lots of talking (to my cats). And then when I looked in the mirror again, I realized I had glitter on my teeth. Eeps!

Honestly, this would be fun for a photo shoot or the making of a holiday card, or maybe even for fun at an overnight with your gal pals. In terms of a wearable look? I really wouldn't risk it, unless you want to leave a trail of glitter behind you (actually, that sounds kind of cool).

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