Beauty Gifts For Your Friends From $22 To $75

One for them, one for you. Happiest and merriest to everybody!
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December 16, 2014
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I feel very fortunate to have a lot of amazing women in my life (more on gratitude in this week's Open Thread). And at this time of year, I like to thank them for their support and friendship. I do this with beauty products (obviously).

Specifically, I like to break up the contents of a bunch of beauty gift sets and spread that joy around, customizing here and there depending on what I know they like. Here's what my favorite ladies are getting this year:

$22: Flash Tattoos

Flash Tattoos are the highest-quality temporary tattoos I've ever seen--and they last, in my experience, for around five days before they start to crack (steer clear of anything oily on or around the tattoo for extra longevity). And there's something about the metallic finish that makes them seem extra fancy. Each set comes with four sheets. Cut 'em up, pass 'em out, wear 'em for New Year's, or save 'em for some other special occasion.

$42: Nails Inc Be Gelous Kit

Nails Inc's gel formula is one of the shiniest and longest-lasting non-UV gel options out there--and it comes off pretty much like regular polish (you may need to use a little extra elbow grease). I like this set because it contains a mix of neutrals and brights, plus one extra-sparkly glitter that's great on its own or as an effect. It's an easy one to split up if you've got friends who prefer one color family over the other. Or you can just throw them all on the table and say, "YOU GUYS CHOOSE," which is what I will probably do.

$55: Fresh Sugar Legends

This is one I had to talk myself out of keeping. But depending on how you dole them out, you may find yourself with one left over. (I pocketed the Fresh Rose. I love that sheer bright pink.) This set is already sold out online (!), but is still available in-store.

$75: L'Artisan Parfumeur Explosions d'Emotions Discovery Set

This sample set comes in a chic zippered pouch that you should totally set aside for yourself; it's perfect for housing cash and credit cards. The vials are extremely generous: 0.24 ounces, which is the size of many Sephora rollerballs--only you'll shell out $25 for just one of those, which makes these a great value at $75 for six.

I'll give my girls the ones that sound the most like their personality (Haute Voltige, you know who you are!), rather than focus on the scents. It's a low-stakes way for them to discover something new that they maybe wouldn't have sought out on their own.

  • What are you getting for your girls this holiday?
  • What are some other beauty sets that are a good value or good for spreading around?

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