4 Glamorous Beauty Gifts For Gourmands

These sweet-smelling trifles aren't for kids.
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December 17, 2014
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Some of us prefer the smell of freshly cut grass, others the lightness of jasmine, or the deep foundation of wood. But more people like scents reminiscent of one of the simplest pleasures on earth. Dessert! I have a real sweet tooth when I want to, but it’s always cloaked in mysterious ouds and woods. Here are four fragrant gifts for those who like two sugars tea but have high-end taste.

Thierry Mugler Limited-Edition 2014 Scents Angel Glamorama Edition and A*Men Pure Wood.Thierry Mugler A*Men Pure Wood

This year’s Thierry Mugler Special Edition selections are luscious and inviting. The A*Men Pure Wood fragrance ($90) is marketed to men, but has this sexiness to it that many women could easily pull off. Opening with deep oak and cyprus, leading down the path to coffee, patchouli, and vanilla, a sensible sweetness comes forth. I smelled it at the Bloomingdale’s counter and instantly handed over my credit card to gift my beau. When mixed with his fav Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille, the resulting layered Andycandy is sweet but earnest, reminding me of the perfectly creamy lattes that he made me when we first met, me as a cocktail waitress and him a barista.

Thierry Mugler Angel

After pairing with rock progeny Georgia May Jagger, Thierry Mugler decided to create a limited-edition bottle for its genre-creating scent, Angel ($120). Coated in black and speckled with blue and silver glitter, it’s the Galadriel-esque star of my beloved original. Inside, the sweet, spicy, and musky all mingle together into a complex dance that only works on certain body chemistries, and luckily mine is one.

My Mom, bless her heart, used to get me a fresh bottle every year, until we found about about refills. This thoughtful tradition is something I always look forward to. As a perfume snob, I never want to run out of the precious.

Laura Mercier Honey Candle and Bath Products

The holidays wouldn’t be complete without the warm smell of scented candles--and the sweet aroma of all of the bubble baths I have to take to recover from the seasonal stress. Laura Mercier is a dandy makeup brand with well performing products used by real makeup artists, but they also make a series of pure luxury bath and body products. Honey is the major theme here, in both the ingredients and the scent.

Signature Gourmande Candle in Honey Musk

The Signature Gourmande Candle ($75) in Honey Musk is mouthwatering like Gulab Jameen, one of my favorite desserts. It has a deep, warm scent that fills the room even before you light it. With notes of sandalwood, amber, and musk, you will want to ration that 40-hour burning time.

Creme de Pistache Honey Bath

Now, if you really want to blow your mind, try burning that amazeballs candle while taking a bath in the luscious splendor of Mercier's Creme de Pistache Honey Bath ($45). Whether you fill the tub up halfway or not, all the dwellers in your house may try to interrupt your bath to catch a whiff of the nutty-sweet goodness of this bubble-aid. And the bubbles are extreme: I was thrilled when a thick layer of snowy clouds remained well after my one-episode of Hulu soak. Completely full of essences of cocoa, macadamia, sweet almond, pistachio and nutmeg, I died and went to baklava heaven. 10/10 must bathe.

Armed with this sweet, sweet knowledge, getting something for a sweetie pie in your life is that much simpler. Whether you want them to smell like gourmands or just get to smell it on demand, you can’t go wrong with these gifts, some of the best, in my pastry-loving opinion.

  • What beauty products appeal to the foodie in you?
  • Do you dare wear "men's" scents?

Photos by Darnell Scott