New Year's Eve Hair With DIY Chains & Clips

For when your inner princess cries out for baubles, but your wallet doesn’t agree.

Fellow storybook princesses and blingaholics, we're going to dive right into this DIY hair chain and jewelry tutorial. Get ready to have all eyes on you this NYE!

Turn Broken Brooches And Earrings Into A Jeweled Hair Clip

I love costume jewelry, especially the styles that have have been popular in the last couple of years. It’s so gaudy and spangly, though not always well made. As a result, I seem to accumulate bits of broken necklaces, many of which I relegate to a cluster of little treasure bowls on my dresser. But alas! No more!


  • Broken bits of costume jewelry--pendants, earrings, brooches, etc.
  • Thin, matching jewelry wire
  • Hair combs or clips


  1. Clip a 6” length of wire and attach it to the piece you want to mount to the comb or clips, securing with a few twists.
  2. Wrap the wire around the comb or clip, securing it with some twists along the way.
  3. Take another wire and wrap it around the first, securing it with twists.
  4. Tuck in or clip the ends closed so they don’t poke you in the head.

Tip: if you have a piece of broken jewelry that's missing a stone, you can fill the bezel with a matching glitter polish.

Fasten Shiny Crystals To A Hair Pin

I love all things crystal. I started collecting rocks when I was 5 years old, and I haven’t really stopped. One of my favorite places to buy minerals ever is Aliexpress--they have fantastic deals on pre-drilled crystals, geode slices, and all manner of witchy bits.


  • Heavy-duty pins or clips; they have to grab enough hair to support rocks and metal.
  • A spool of thin jewelry wire
  • Wire nippers (scissors or nail clippers can work in a pinch)


Choose 1-4 crystal points and figure out how you’d like to arrange them, then thread them with wire. I find that attaching all four to the clip FIRST and then weaving wire between them looks the nicest.

Repurpose A Cheap Necklace Into A Hair Chain

Danielle made us all drool over the luxury hair chains that Queen Bey has been sporting lately, but if you don’t have the scratch for the real thing, this DIY can use any manner of chain.


  • A chain necklace (keep it simple or use a layered chain)
  • A few hairpins
  • Pliers


Remove the clasp--you can save it or toss it--and thread the jump rings through your hairpins like so.

You can pin it around the back of your head or over the top like a crown.

What do you think? Not nearly as luxe as some of the hair jewelry you can buy, but I love it to upcycle bits and pieces that I’d otherwise just hoard or toss.

  • Are you nervous about getting a chain anywhere near your hair?
  • Do you have any clever DIYs that utilize found objects?
  • How do you feel about the costume jewelry trend right now? I like that it’s pretty accessible, price-wise.