Pre-Party Skin Care: 3 Things To Do The Night Before

These fixes for three common skin concerns will get you extra-glowy overnight.
Publish date:
December 9, 2014
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It’s holiday time, which means you, like me, might be in a whirlwind of office parties, family gatherings, reunion-y girls’ nights, or maybe even a first meeting with a significant other’s family.

And while these occasions are a fun time to try out bold new looks and glitzy makeup, if you want to be on you’re A-game, it all starts with happy skin. No matter what the situation, healthy, glowing, clear skin is always an impressive look, probably because it’s so freaking hard to attain.

But if you want to turn up at the function with the best version of what you’ve got, the trick is not to try anything drastic (read: do not try Retin-A or a new peel the night before an event). Instead, look for gentle solutions to reduce redness, even tone, and hydrate.

To Reduce Redness And Blotchiness

You can’t unclog all your pores overnight, but you can make a big difference in your skin by reducing inflammation. My favorite way to do this is by slapping on a sheet mask like Karuna’s Clarifying+ Mask. I’ve written about this one before, and it’s still one of my favorites. Ginger and Honey soothe the skin without irritating and the mask itself gives a cooling and calming sensation. Best of all, it does this while hydrating the skin to leave it soft and calm. When I wear one of these for a half-hour before bed, I wake up the next morning to find zits looking way less threatening--painful swelling goes down and redness almost disappears, making anything left over super easy to conceal.

For Even Tone and Texture

While I’m partial to strong chemical exfoliants to smooth and even out my skin, if you’ve never tried one, start slow. Make Up Artist’s Choice, the maker of my beloved Mandelic Acid Peel, also offers a Triple Enzyme Peel that’s suitable for beginners. A combination of pineapple, pumpkin, and papaya enzymes work to gently sweep away dead skin cells and, over time, reduce hyperpigmentation marks.

Using it before an event will ensure that you have a flake-free, glow-y base. But even though this is a gentle exfoliant, remember to patch test it first!

For Hydration

The solution to dry winter skin only costs a couple bucks. First, cleanse and moisturize as normal. Then pick up a tub of regular old Vaseline. After completing your nighttime routine, distribute the tiniest glob of petroleum jelly onto your fingers and press it into your freshly moisturized skin. Go to sleep, and then wake up with the softest, plumpest, most hydrated skin of your life. Vaseline is the queen of all occlusives, preventing water from evaporating from the layers of your skin. And despite what you’ve heard, it’s extremely unlikely to break you out--the molecules of Vaseline are just too big to get into your pores and clog them. If you have dry skin, you owe it to yourself to give this a try.

  • If you have tons of holiday parties coming up, what’s the biggest skin concern you want to tackle before you make the rounds?
  • What are your favorite tips to get that next-level skin at the last minute?