The Ultimate Holiday Gift For Makeup Pros & Beginners

This easy-to-use airbrush system is the gift that keeps on giving (spraying?).
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December 16, 2014
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What if I told you that a perfect, pro-quality makeup application could be had without ever touching a brush to your face? Meet the Temptu AIRbrush System 2.0.

Being photographed so often has forced me to get better and better at doing my makeup, but this airbrush machine is literally a miracle. The last time I had airbrush makeup was in college, when I was doing wardrobe styling on a set. I remember feeling truly flawless: I never did more than filling my brows in back then, and my confidence was boosted that day, for sure.

Nowadays, an airbrush system doesn’t need to be a big, unwieldy contraption. Available in different colors, the Temptu AIRbrush System 2.0 uses specifically designed foundation pods (in many shades!), as well as two blush colors and a highlighter.

How It Works

The AIRbrush System is super easy to use: you uncap an AirPod, snap it into the nozzle, turn the machine to the appropriate setting, and begin applying!

I was SO shocked at how quickly I was able to throw on a full face look. The machine has a knob that controls the force of the pigment spray, allowing you to make a fine mist or a saturated stream. Using the finer mist to apply foundation took less than 10 seconds of spraying, and the coverage didn’t even need blending! To conceal, I simply increased the pressure knob and held the nozzle close to any spots or blemishes that needed covering.

Five-Minute Makeup

The real fun part for me was playing with the blush and highlighter. It was so easy to change the pods, and an even shorter order to get defined cheekbones and a healthy, Champagne-colored glow. Ninety nine percent of my face was done in under five minutes. The only thing I applied besides the AirPod colors was a bit of eyebrow wax and some finishing powder. Holy wonder tool!

Versatility And Price

You can even add a bit of love to the lips and eyes, and there is a line of body/tanning pods, so you really will get your money’s worth of this stuff. For contour fans, you can use two foundations to create a contoured look in a few minutes--no blending required.

Priced at $125, with most pods running around $45, the Temptu AIRbrush System 2.0 is comparable to getting a new brush set and an assortment of color products. The foundation pods are said to last three months with, I'm guessing, five times weekly use.

  • Who's asking Santa for a Temptu AIRbrush System 2.0?
  • Thoughts on wearing airbrush makeup every day? Would you?

Photos by Darnell Scott