The Best Gold Nail Polishes For The Holidays And Forever

Diamonds are fine, but gold is my true best friend.

Come holiday time, I always appreciate the beauty-related emphasis on metallics, especially gold. Gold is one of my favorite colors to wear on my face, and it’s my absolute favorite shade to wear on my nails.

Gold nails are glamorous yet understated. They’re attention-grabbing, but in a classier way than hot pink or bright blue nails would be. Consider gold nail polish your new “nude,” just kicked up a few sexy notches.

As a longtime lover of gold polish, I’ve amassed quite a collection. Here are a few of my favorite goldens.

The True Metallic Gold

Essie Good as Gold is a bold, gold shellac with no shimmer, just shine. It’s a yellow-ish gold that dries down to look like you’ve wrapped your nails in actual smooth, melted gold. The application is a bit touchy, as with many metallics. Without a top coat, this polish barely makes it two days without chipping, but with one it lasts much, much longer. And the color payoff is excellent.

The Champagne Of Polishes

If Gwen Stefani’s stamp of approval means anything to you, then you need to opt for this polish from her collection with OPI. “Love.Angel.Music.Baby.” is a shimmery, cool-toned gorgeous gold. I received it as a gift from fellow gold-lover and xoVainer Victoria, and I’m forever in her debt for it. This polish goes on smooth and streak-free, with the perfect amount of glitter suspended within. Without a top coat, it lasts almost a week with minimal chipping or damage. Wear this to your next Champagne party!

The Ultimate Glamour Option

NARS Milos is a luxe, buttery gold with slightly more shimmer and sheen than the OPI polish, but enough pigment to keep it opaque. The wide brush that comes with all the recently reformulated NARS polishes makes application easy and streak-less, though this formula is quite thick and has a longer dry time than any of the other polishes. Worn without a top coat, this polish lasted four days without chipping. The rich, impactful color is the perfect complement to any fancy cocktail dresses you’ll be rocking this season.

The Oscar-Worthy Top Coat

I know, I know--not all that glitters is gold, but sometimes gold can glitter. Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds from Butter London has earned its place as one of my favorite top coats of all time. It’s a warm gold, almost a rose-gold but not quite, that goes on smoothly without clumps. It’s packed with enough glitter that you could wear it on its own with multiple coats, or on top of another color. Glitter polishes can be notorious for their inclination to chip, but this polish lasted for five days with minimal wear on my nails.

The multi-tonal gold glitter is a definite attention-grabber. I’ve just been informed that this color is being discontinued, so get it while you can! It’s worth it.

  • What’s your go-to holiday nail color?
  • Do you have a favorite gold polish?