A Holiday Manicure That Isn't Super-Cheesy

You can get into the festive mood without going near any bottles of red or green nail polish.
Publish date:
December 12, 2011
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I'm not going to use this post to passive aggressively discuss last night's "Boardwalk Empire" season finale. No, I will NOT. This post is going to be about being festive and painting your nails up real cute for the holidays, because beauty is my sector, and beauty is where I'm going to stay. (Damn you, Nucky Thompson!)

Anyway, I've kind of been teetering back and forth on feeling good and then crappy about the holidays. As you may know, I lost my grandmother earlier this year and the holidays aren't going to be the same without seeing a card from her or hearing her phone call on Christmas morning. Basically, I'm just really ready for 2011 to be over and for 2012 to come in with a bang and give me a fresh start.

However, I was recently in New York City and as I was heading to catch my flight around 6:30 in the morning, I caught sight of Macy's all lit up for the holidays, twinkling lights in the early NYC light, and it warmed the cockles of my cold, miserable heart. Well done, Macy's!

So here I am, in a semi-seasonal mood, ready to bring you some fun, holiday-related posts over the next few weeks leading up to good ol' New Year's Eve, my night of long-awaited renewal.

First, I've decided to design up a holiday-themed manicure. I didn't want to go with red, or green or gold. I thought I'd go with snow. I know snow. I'm Canadian, for Pete's sake.

So here's a frosty, snow- and ice- themed manicure for those of you with hearts just as chilly as mine.

To start, paint your thumb, middle, and pinkie nail with two coats of a steely blue-gray. I used A Beautiful Life Brand's Natural Nail Polish in Slate ($12, abeautifullife.com). Coat index and ring finger with two to three coats of a clear-based silver glitter polish like Wet 'n' Wild's Wild Shine in Kaleidoscope($0.99, drugstores). Allow to dry.

For the snowflake, use a nail art polish with a fine-tipped brush like L.A. Nails Art Deco Nail Art in White ($1.99, cherryculture.com and drugstores).

Begin by drawing a thin plus sign on your thumb. Then draw a smaller X on top. Next, add more thin strokes pointing out from the centre. Finally, add X's at the points of the large plus sign. Draw polka dots on the middle and pinkie fingers.

And there you have it, a super-easy holiday manicure that doesn't look like a bad polyester sweater with reindeer appliqued to it!