Hippie-Dippy Do: The Eco-Chicest Gifts For The "Earth Goddesses" In Your Life

High class gifts for the sort-of, kind-of hippies on your to-buy-for list.

The holidays are drawing closer and closer and it's time to get your shopping wrapped up. I've already covered gifts to buy for the inscrutable, swanksville broads you might know, and now it's time to address the hippie types. These are the people who like their products natural but don't want to give up on glamour completely. Yes, it's possible to be kind to the environment without looking like a Sasquatch.

So if you find yourself scanning the ingredients list on your moisturizer for harmful chemicals, or you have a friend who does the same, this is the gift guide for you. Onwards, you kale-loving weirdos! (I can say that because I like kale too.)

1. Tata Harper Deluxe Beauty Starter Set ($65, tataharperskincare.com)

Tata Harper is a dream-life-living woman who resides on a 1,200-acre farm in Vermont where she makes her own 100% organic and natural (and crazy-effective) skincare products. This set contains 7 generously sized starter products put together as an introduction to TH's line. It's the perfect gift for someone who wants to start "green"-ing up their skincare but isn't sure where to start.

2. Nemat International Amber Perfume Oil ($9-$15.50, nematinternational.com)

There's something super-appealing to me about a fragrance oil that is bare bones, without any filler oils or alcohol added. Nemat's Amber oil is a pure oil -- applied to the pulse points it smells warm and sexy, and its lasting power is intense. Housed in a little glass bottle with a gold, minaret-shaped cap, it looks like an exotic flea market find rather than simply a beauty product.

3. A Beautiful Life Natural Nails Nail Lacquer (shown in Vette, $12) and Soy Polish Remover ($20, both at abeautifullife.com)

It's a bit disgusting the chemicals that some brands include in their nail polishes, especially if you're a nail biter who might happen to be accidentally ingesting this stuff at any given time (ew). A Beautiful Life has designed a line of polishes free from gross chemicals and gentle enough to be used by nail-art loving kids. They also make a soy polish remover -- that's free of alcohol and acetone -- that gently removes polish without smelling like it's killing your brain cells. As a matter of fact, it smells amazing.

4. RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek (shown in Smile, $36, rmsbeauty.com)

Described as being a sheer coral with a "slight '50s feel", this shade of RMS Beauty's all-natural, crazy moisturizing tint makes your cheeks and lips look all glowy and flushed like you just went for a run and you're super healthy and totally drink 8 glasses of water a day. In general, I'm pretty much in love with all of RMS Beauty's products, particularly their Living Luminizer, which I wrote about this summer. I know they're pricey, but I give them a thumbs up for being worth the splurge AND for knocking out gross ingredients.

So there you have it, just a smattering of some of my favorite natural beauty gifts. Are there any natural products you're hoping to be given, or are you forcing green gifts on your friends in an attempt to be silently preachy about the environment? You can tell me.

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